Years later, Saba’s daughter from her second marriage with a cruel husband, Sara, comes looking for Arfeen to find out about her mother. He makes it to the cover with other A listers. I’m guessing the latter. Yes, we did want to see her talk from the heart and deeply about her scars with her husband, but, in the end, what would that have really accomplished? FK, for whom i watched, seems to have done a Ashar here too. They empathise with ashar being stuck BW his wife n momma. Originally Posted by Nostalgic. ZGH brought me back to dramas after 15 years.

I just thought all PK dramas were of that caliber in terms of its cinematography, editing, story continuity etc. I think you have a wonderful platform whre anyone can leave behind some thoughts on what they felt was what made this serial memorable…Guys.. It could have been so much more but alas it was not. Week after week, why does it seem like Murtaza is the real hero and Zaroon a side character, added in as an afterthought? The man has done a great service to Pakistani men and women everywhere for showing what romance looks like. He is writer, director, producer, musician, and most of the time he also handles the camera in his projects.. The way she flustered for a second and replied, and the frustration in his face after that conversation just left me feeling that I wish I had been a fly on the wall to really witness it.

Things have changed mainly because our own actors have gone to Hollywood and films are now shot extensively in other countries.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai ~ Episode 6 Review

Theyve loved her stoic n dignified self post return. I cant believe 26 weeks have gone by and this has come to an end. They didnt show us the graph of K going from a whiny, complaining pessimist to a grateful, happy girl…the last part was very rushed. Its like going around in a circle and not getting anywhere because we hear the same dialogues over and over again, same facial expressions and pretty much the same problems.

Both of these are directed by Haissam Hussain who made Aun Zara. Thank you Hina for always coming here to reply to the reviews. And what I personally feel about ZGH is that this drama is flawed, this drama was not perfect but this was the actual theme of this drama that nothing is perfect and beauty lies in imperfection.

Happily, the maulvi convinces her that she’s the product of the union of the mother of the girl and the father of the girl rather than the mother of the girl and the biological father of the boy, rendering her merely the cousin of the boy, since the mother of the girl and the mother of the boy are sisters. Big noseunplucked eyebrows Et al… She is a beauty and her imperfections make her more so.


She said she was thankful that they decided to not go there in the drama, and, boy, sure am I. Though it is not that bad infact it is loved and acknowledged by thousands.

But have to give it to Fawad for carrying his role with conviction…Mahira was good and looked pretty too but was timid and had nothing much to do but to cry…thats just my point of view and apart from the depressing part…. Western dramas have plenty of violence against women too, implied and overt. Seriously, and a request. I loved the bedroom scene where Zaroon shows up and she pinches his face. Then cue dssi babies. The story really should have progressed by now, and if it did we all would be enjoying it a lot more.

And why do you forget that there is whole genre of the musical where a musician like gulzzr is can do very well. And like you it is only ZGH all the way…. While in principle this was a commendable topic, one rarely addressed in our serials, what came across on the screen was a jumble of brilliantly executed sequences, which when strung together failed to leave an impact.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai ~ Episode 6 Review – Desi Rants N Raves

Subscribe to our Newsletter. Looks like he is going to be coming together with Zahlay Serhadi. Before the serial had aired, not many thought she could stand up to Fawad, but she has silenced all her critics with this outstanding performance.

Especially in Pakistan, men do stare and harass, when in fact islamically they should be lowering their gaze. In other words it is a simbiotic relationship between actors n production houses. This is a hypocrisy that is very rampant and was taken up in a good way in ZGH where Zaroon had to bear the brunt of Kashaf for being the flirt with women almost till the last episode. She is liberal n want her children to be independent in deciding what to do in their lives but forces Zaroon to get married to Asmara.

In practically every episode, I could draw similarities and parallels to many scenes being taken from Humsafar.

I dnt like her at al…she is so all about me me me me me type girl. Case in point, your Fawad Khan is also appreciated for his fine acting skills in Khoobsurat, his being from a different country is not a disadvantage.


So both guys are only interested in the girl the girl in seven veils …hmmm kind of defeats the purpose ,in my view. I thought the gardens were beautiful. Long silences and self-consciously blocked scenes wall between two characters, words, gulsar steps, another wall can either work beautifully or become tiresome very fast. Kashaf finally gives in only after marrying Zaroon. Hi Afia…thks for responding…LOL…yeah wrong usage of words…actually I am zondagi ready when it comes to watching shows and discussing them non stop…and have heard everyone raving about Humsafar so its on my must watch list now.

Zindagi Gulzar hai Last episode full [] – video dailymotion

I also found it extremely annoying that Hum TV promoted ZGH especially the last episode on every single Facebook page of its drama serials.

I was looking forward to a serial.

I forgot 77 say thanks to youSZ, you and Fatima are my favourite reviewersenjoyed reading each and every review with all the agreements and disagreements …. This episode was a bit of a drag. I wish Fawad learns this fast and makes a mark and approaches some big banners like YRF or KJO so that he gets noticed…felt pity seeing him hao stage with Sonam who was all the while trying to hog the limelight with her childish behaviour…wonder what FK must have been thinking in his mind: And thank you all for your love, support, appreciation, criticism and honesty.

You are an gashan actress…I am and have always been your ardent admirer! Clearly the drama was going for style over substance at the end. Simply give me few dimensionalrelatable characters in the play these things make the audience connect. If treated the same way, this could have been a hard hitting serial kept at around where the total emphasis would have been on how a woman can grow out of her insecurities to become a confident person.

Her mother even refuses the proposals that come for Sadaf as there will be hwi one to earn once she leaves. We are tired of watching them doing the same roles in each n every drama.

HS has immense repeat value. And, can I just say, goodness bless Fawad tzshan not staying off screen long enough for us to miss him.