I’m sure someone will come along with good explanations of these later. Originally Posted by ChrisWiggles what sony bluray player? I mean I know what looks better to me is probaby what I will stick with. The scene in the provided video this should be tested with is the sideshot of the Taj Mahal, close to the end of the video after a red firework display – it is most obvious there. Pointing – at “somewhat”. You want to send 4: Thanks x 1 List. Color because it is a very wide colour gamut that is completely different to the rec gamut that is typically used for BluRay mastering.

For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Everything in Auto will work fine? Send a private message to Bodyslide. Error in player vs. Written by nbmformula , July 30, It will be interesting to learn if this is being done correctly. Id assume Source Direct would be most true, but the lack of error in all modes has me wondering. Best 4K Blu-ray Deals.

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From the settings page, under picture settings, select expert settings. Then again, I guess it all comes down to how the videos are stored at the source You need to test all options and find out which one works best in your situation. So i suppose is better to change it in limited range. With RGB – the color range gets “upconverted” expended – maybe the Sony debanding algorithm cant handle debanding in range it would have to recognize, that the video content originally was a source those numbers are 8bit, but its easier to explain the underlying concept with themmaybe Zidoos conversion to RGB is done in 8 bit.


Color because it is a very wide colour gamut that is completely different to the rec gamut that is typically used for BluRay mastering. Arcam tell me the BPD uses a Broadcom solution design that appears similar if not identical to the solution used in the Anthem Blu-ray player.

The gamut colour space of a display is often represented with a triangular area within the chart. That’s the choice I need to make right now with 44 configuration. I bet that most people would prefer broader compatibility to pixel-perfect picture. Send a private message to FilmFreakosaurus. It will be interesting to learn if this is being done correctly.

Auto sounds scary because you never know what it’s going to choose. Your nickname or email address: I wouldn’t trust AUTO mode for any setting in this player right now.

The original reason for developing the RGB monotonicity test pattern was because of Pixar. Do I need to change settings back and forth depending on what I watch?

Send a private message to Jaguar It has no noticeable visual imperfections otherwise and allows you to trade for much better advantages such as bit color depth and HDR. I does look like the S is more-or-less mapping the 0-to range into a 0-tox range. Please refer to the FAQ before posting. Gradients were perfectly smooth on the OPPO but were blocky and showed the effects of the lack of dynamic range on the Sony.

Pointing – at “somewhat”. When the freeze would happen to me, the green light would come on while the system was powered down and not in use.


I’ve read about what they technically mean on wiki. The first number in this case 4refers to the size of the sample.

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I have used your reviews for years to make informed purchases. Using an inappropriate colour space, gamma and other settings could result in an unnatural image.

On top of the dynamic range compression, they are also applying an S-Curve. Just like 0 and 7.

The Secrets Blu-ray Player HDMI Benchmark – Part I

Why do you get better results selecting 12 bit over 10 bit? RGB was causing black crush only when there was a mismatch in how the Blu-Ray or other media device was outputting and how the TV was had it’s Black level setting. Your Blu-ray data would be passable, but all highlights would probably not exist from your HDTV ycbbcr and others.

All of these players were very well regarded during our prior looks at them and have garnered year-end awards from us as well. Those adjustments are only available for YPbPr signals. It makes bluray sources look like homemade camcorder productions.