The gap between them at this point is still too great. Episode Garden, I Love the Flames! Meanwhile, seeing that Yawara is upset by the false news concerning Jigoro, Matsuda takes her to an amusement park, where they also cannot escape strangers who bother Yawara due to her new celebrity status. They attend the pre-world training camp. Marilyn, who did not participate in the matches, “helps out” by recruiting potential new members from the female students who attend the contest, so that judo club might carry on to the next generation. Zeccho Emotion BanG Dream! Photo, Meme or GIF.

She makes fun of Tsurukame as a 3rd rate travel company and accuses her of hiding, just like she did at Mitsuba which did not even have a judo team. Jigoro joins them, and Tamao bribes him with his favorite foods whenever he argues with Yawara about judo or food Jigoro derisively calls beef stroganoff “strong combo” ; Tamao also shares alleged pictures of her husband, who might have been spotted in the northern country near Hida Takayama. Fujiko trains tirelessly at the camp and knocks out male judokas, Jigoro asks the judo officials whether they have decided who will represent Japan in the free weight division they have not; they are hoping for Yawara, who is qualified for the under 48kg division. Sayaka tries a couple of quick moves on Yuki but each time the latter counters and is able to move out of bounds. Before the Fall Manga Ends in March Khruschev is Russia’s under 48kg contestant against Yawara. Shelf Life – Urahara Feb 25, Later at night, the father peruses Matsuda’s personal “Yawara volumes” there are up to 3 so far , and understands better his son’s love or obsession for her but still calls him a “dump mug.

Audio Planning U Recording Studio: At the end of the day, while having an argument with Jigoro about judo episose a normal life, Yawara takes down an intruder who happens to be Shinnosuke; however, Matsuda and Yamoda are also hiding in wait and snap the pictures they need for the big scoop.


A Fashionable Judo Girl episode Matsuda and Yamoda, who had been spying on the tournament, are captured by Jigoro and locked up with fpisode hapless kidnapped Musashiyama judo member, foiling their big scoop again. Shelf Life – Urahara Feb 25, After Jigoro Yawara’s grandfather finds out that Yawara has a crush on the school idol, Nishikimori, he spreads rumors about Nishikimori to a gang of school ruffians, leading them to track him down for a beat-down.

Yawara has fallen into the same mental trap of thinking Matsuda only wants to write articles and scoops about her, and they each carry on futile mental monologues. Robert Brillantes as Shinnosuke Kazamatsuri 2nd voice. To help Yawara, Matsuda cooks up a scheme in which his newspaper would set up a match against the heavyweight judoka Yuki Tohdoh, who weighs 20 kg 44 lb more than Yawara, in her debut; they believe that if Yawara intentionally throws the match, the loss will cause the media to dismiss 017 as a judoka and henceforth leave her alone.

Later Yawara tells Fujiko that she will be able to meet with Hanazono in a month. If Epusode ends up losing, then Tsurukame Travels will lose both her as a celebrity draw and the Kato Chu deal. Episodr a long talk with Tamao in which Tamao gives him money intended for Mitsuba College, Jigoro finally changes his mind.

However, all Matsuda can talk about is judo again, and he does not understand Yawara’s real feelings at all, who does eppisode seem to mind.

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Sudo unknown episodes Junichi Sugawara Kawano unknown episodes Kazuhiko Kishino Jigoro calls Shinnosuke a “kazammidori” weathervane for dating so many women.

Jody takes Yawara and Fujiko shopping on the day before her contests to take some pressure off. Share yqwara page with your friends and followers:.

Hideharu Mori Original Manga: Marilyn receives an offer from a porno film producer. Yuji Mitsuya as Hiroyuki Nishikimori Nishikimori ep 1.


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Jigoro subtly plants the yaaara that Fujiko might be a good alternative. Yawara is forced to enter the tournament for real, and the Ganryuji judo members are all excited by the prospects of wrestling a girl. Both commiserate over how men can swee-talk and then betray them.

As he tries to romance her, Shinnosuke lies to Yawara by claiming that he had turned down being Sayaka’s fiance, Jigoro interrupts his kiss attempt and puts him in a headlock. He refuses again, telling them that he is interested in someone who will be in the Judo World Cup. All team members will have to fight their own contests, whichever team gets 3 out of 5 matches wins.

When it rains, Yawara and Matsuda find themselves seeking shelter in the same phone booth, and Yawara tells him that her dad Kojiro might be in Seoul, where perhaps they can find him. Matsuda and Yuniko infiltrate the Russian training camp and Teleshikova tells them that she will win the world cup.

Yawara compensates by over-drinking. Yawara goes for job interviews including the Tsurukame travel agency and say the right things but the interviewers all know who she is already: Jody wins with an ippon throw, but Teleshikova uses a collar strangle instead, surprising the observers. Meanwhile, the ignorant reporters present at the match vacillate between thinking that Yawara is faking a loss or covering up her own weakness, despite “expert” opinions from Hanazono, Shinnosuke, and Gohzoh Yuutenji, the Saikai College judo coach, that Yawara for some reason is not showing her true strength.

Special – Zutto Kimi no Koto ga sequel.

Kyoko Yamada as Kurokawa Megumi Gotou ep