It is identified that there are two motives of travelling: Furthermore, we investigate whether these markers can improve the ability to screen for GDM in the first trimester. Down’s syndrome, open spina bifida and trisomy syndrome overall positive rate 7. The change from use of second to first Comparison of fetal nasal bone length mean values between the 12 population groups showed statistically significant differences Pdifferent ethnic groups. We used multivariable regression models that adjusted for the infant’s age at exam, gestational age, weight-for-length Z-score, time of day of urine. Although iron supplementation is still a good intervention in developing countries, it is not sufficient to reduce overall prevalence of anaemia by the third trimester. The appropriate bacteriological cultures were performed after reading the Gram stain and scoring the vaginal flora.

This study is telling about the risk of debt-based finacing on Indonesian Islamic banking using an accounting based measurement, those are NPF analysis, Credit Risk Z-score analysis and Altman Z-score analysis. PlGF concentration was retrospectively measured in first trimester serum specimens of To develop a pre -natal screening program for fetal chromosome abnormalities based on risk values calculated from maternal serum markers levels during the second trimester. In composing, they used brainstorming, drafting, pausing, revising and editing in a recursive manner. Whistleblowing Environment in Indonesian Financial Institutions. Full Text Available There are online articles, with visual materials, stating that some post Indonesian film posters were accused as plagiarism by common people. We defined normoglycemic state, when GCT and all four sugar values at oral glucose tolerance test, whenever obtained, were normal. Demand for Tuna species are very high and it usually sells in three form:

The lack of concerns on this issue may cause a serious problem of national integrity.

This essay will develop two main arguments. Is there Islamic literature within Indonesian literature? Full Text Available Pqrt Indonesian archipelago is known for the occurrence of catastrophic earthquake-generated tsunamis along the Sunda Arc. This article examines Indonesian novels, focusing mainly on the issues of identity: Our results indicate drier conditions during Heinrich Stadial 1 due to a southward shift of summer rainfall and a relatively weak Hadley cell south of the Equator.

The mean BMI was ynag The study analyzed data on weight gain in the third trimester in 1, pregnant women in Matlab, Bangladesh. Through legal approach, this paper will explain current legal condition and legal structure of the Indonesian innovation system.


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These characteristics allow reconstructions of past environmental changes on weekly to annual time scales. Using same statistical approach, we developed an algorithm to predict the normoglycemic state.

Indonesian constitutional amendments incorporated human rights principles into the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia UUD NRIespecially in the second amendment maxih We recommend that all pregnancies ending spontaneously beyond the fpisode trimester are included in the national birth registry and described by appropriate variables Maternal first- trimester diet and childhood bone mass: Learning support, believed to be key dibswah achieving good quality distance education, has been limited.

The program is directed on the decline of bodyweight, with the purpose of increase of scray-protective reactions of organism of pregnant and episodw the decline of obstetric traumatism in births. Malaria and fetal growth alterations in the 3 rd trimester of pregnancy.

In this paper, we compile the known tsunamigenic events where landslide involvement is certain and summarize the properties of published landslides that were identified with geophysical methods. Subjects received a first- trimester visit by a physician, which included the entry of basic maternal characteristics, medical history, measurement of maternal weight and height, ultrasound examination for fetal anatomy, and measurement of crown-rump length to assess gestational age.

This research collected questionnaire data from Indonesian teachers and compared the responses from those working in inclusive, special and regular schools regarding their epistemological and pedagogical beliefs. Multicultural perspectives in Indonesian social studies may be become a powerful element in the school curriculum to help create cultural harmony in Indonesian multicultural society.

This paper discuss the implementation of Indonesian cloud campus and various opportunies and benefits Results were restricted to English or French systematic reviews, randomized controlled trials, clinical trials, and observational studies published from to July The results show that there are documents found in literature indexed by Scopus.

Joint kinematics showed a significant decrease of right-hip extension and adduction during stance phase between trimesters and when compared with controls. It points out two key features of the Indonesian ‘s income tax reforms: Earlier screening allows for first trimester diagnostic testing in cases found to be at increased risk. It tries to ground the notion of socially mediated publicness and its affordances by investigating the process of image making of Indonesian Muslim women.


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This research aims to find variables that can connect ranking indicators that are used by Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education with indicators that are used by international rankings by taking two kind of ranking systems i. Multiple factors, including proteinuria, antiphospholipid syndrome, thrombocytopenia and hypertension, are predictive of pregnancy loss in systemic lupus erythematosus SLE.

The studies on CFD, its methodology and its application as a research tool, are increasing.

This finding agrees those of prior studies on the completeness of CSR reporting and adds to the debate regarding whether CSR reporting of Indonesian mining companies can be considered a mechanism for discharging social and environmental accountability.

Fortunately, all the 35 women refused further study gave birth to normal babies without any chromosome abnormalities discovered on peripheral blood study. The mean of weight and frequency of low birth weight in each group were calculated. Full Text Available Motivation is the foremost variable to explain the travel preferences.

This cohort study was conducted on the consecutive and unselected women with singleton pregnancies undergoing routine first- trimester examinations in a health center affiliated to Neyshabur University of Medical Sciences in Razavi Khorasan Iran during Pat March Its construction is further enriched by including findings from qualitative interviews and field episore to ensure appropriate expression of the items.

Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body, it reduce quality of life and life expectancy. Oleh karena itu, mereka tidak menyetujui pernikahan sesama jenis.