While struggling with his own apathy, he starts spreading hateful messages perpetrated by Pat Hingle, a power-mad master of WUSA. Delivery Options see all. Write Your Own Review You’re reviewing: We cannot be held responsible for delays if you do not use this reference. Buying Format see all. Sean Connery More from this Seller. July 23, Rating: There’s really no one to totally root for here, with Geraldine coming the closest.

The Crimes of Gri Item is on order but is not in our possession yet. Email to a Friend. And Perkins is really excellent as the stuttering, tic filled Rainey, a man who wants to do well but who makes some disastrous decisions in his efforts to get there. How to Train Your Dragon: Ralph Breaks the Internet 4K.

They are offered on a collector to collector basis and no rights are given or implied. Geraldine meanwhile obviously wants a relationship, but is met with a decided could shoulder by Rheinhardt, who finds human contact as boring as the right wing propaganda he gives voice to everyday.

Money, englishh, justice and revenge are all on the line for each of these characters.

Olive Films have revealed that they are planning to upgrade four titles from their catalog which were previously aubtitles only on DVD: Sign Up for Our Newsletter: Ralph Breaks the Internet 4K. The Possession of Hannah Grace.

Farley is able to get Rheinhardt hired on as an announcer at a local radio station, WUSA, but the station is a right-wing propaganda mill that devotes its air time to venomous tirades against political and social progress. New and factory sealed. Never miss an update from Papermashup Get notified about the latest tutorials and downloads. WUSA would have been much more effective if everything had been dealt with in a more straightforward manner.

Paul Newman went on record a few years after WUSA ‘s spectacular failure something completely unexpected since this film came in the sizable wake of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid stating that he along with screenwriter Robert Wussa adapting his novel A Hall of Mirrors and director Stuart Rosenberg who worked with Newman on Subtitlex Hand Luke injected a political element where none was needed. What’s engllish nex t favori t e movie?


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WUSA () On Blu-Ray – Loving The Classics

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Rheinhardt understands, though he doesn’t seem to care all that much, as evidenced by his self-confessed description to Geraldine and her crippled friend Philomene Cloris Leachman that he’s actually a liberal.

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WUSA Blu-ray

But quite the opposite is actually true. Paul Newman served as co-producer of this allegorical drama and stars as Rheinhardt, a opportunistic drifter who ends up in New Orleans and hits up his old friend Farley Laurence Harveya con man-turned-phony preacher, for a job.

The left complains about outlets like Fox News, while the right laments the efforts of outlets like MSNBC, but the fact is this “new” politically motivated world of radio and television is by far the most successful “news” offered on the fragmented worlds of cable television and corporate controlled radio.

Rheinhardt is happy enough to pass along WUSA’s scripted blather as long as he receives a paycheck. It really wasn’t until aroundhowever, that Limbaugh began making national waves as one of the leading spokesmen englsh the so-called New Right.

Had Limbaugh been the force in he later became, my hunch is WUSA would have been a much more successful film, for in its own way it presciently depicts the rise of conservative talk radio. WUSA also is hobbled by an emphasis on too many wounded characters.

That said, the political element is given somewhat short shrift in another way here, in a kind of silly climax that plays like a B-movie mash up of The Manchurian Candidate and The Parallax View. Meanwhile, Rainey begins to question what the real motives of the welfare survey he’s conducting are, which ultimately leads him to a supposedly shocking revelation about its connection to WUSA and Bingamon.


If Beale Street Could Talk. Uwsa refinements More refinements Be the first to review this product. Similar titles you might also like What is this? July 23, Rating: All titles on this site are believed to be in the public domain in accordance with the terms of the Berne Convention, which state that copyright protection wuss after a minimum of 50 years. Product Tags Add Your Tags: All Auction Buy It Now. Rheinhardt is happy to be making decent money, and he makes the friendly acquaintance of a local working girl, Geraldine Joanne Woodwardso he refuses to look his gift horse in the mouth.

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There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Delivery Options see all. WUSA is too portentous for its own good, and might have been better served by jettisoning some of the interpersonal dramatics and concentrating more solidly on the political element. Paul Newman served as co-producer of this allegorical drama and stars as Rheinhardt, a opportunistic drifter who ends up in New Orleans and hits up his old englis Farley Laurence Harveya con man-turned-phony preacher, for a job.

We cannot be held responsible for delays if you do not use this reference.