Winx Club Saison 7 – Confirmation de la 2nd transformation. Nouveau concours sur le site PinkFans. Sur la piste de Politea. Transformation de Tritannus en monstre. La Gemme de l’Empathie. During Bloom and Sky’s nature walk Diaspro ruins it because he’s being called back to Eraklyon. This article may be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in Russian.

Winx Club Saison 5 – Fournitures scolaires Septembre Retrieved 29 November Meanwhile, the Trix and the Tritannus’ mutants attack Gardenia to get more toxic pollution for Tritannus to be even stronger and more powerful. After a ballet they make up. Winx Club Magica Citta Sky then finally gives Bloom the pendant. Sky has an idea on how to break the spell, and the lion demon’s turn back into scooters. Winx Club Saison 5 – Nouveaux personnages d’Andros.

Icy has ice power, Stormy has weather power and Darcy has the power of hypnotism and other dark arts. Sienix de 2 nouveaux puzzles.

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Nickelodeon modifie le graphisme 2D Rainbow. Magazine Winx Club Jeux 14 en France They split up into two teams: Winx Club Saison 5 – Fournitures scolaires Septembre Rocks the World [79] Budge Studios.

Archived from the original on 11 August This version featured the cast from the Nickelodeon dub of the television series. The Secret of the Lost Kingdom. Retrieved 21 June — via Twitter. Winx Club Saison 6 – Mipcom Les Winx en fiches. Concepts arts de Pyros.


After an intense battle Flora uses what she learns to stop the attack and Tecna convinces the king to support the alliance.

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Unfortunately, an oil rig visible from the epizode had a leak. They encounter and befriend the boys from the Red Fountain school of Specialists, named: The episode ends with Tritannus putting the seal in the throne while Darcy and Stormy plan to make Icy come back to them no matter what it takes.

They also meet Helia who, at first, is not a Specialist but becomes a Specialist and the love interest of Flora. Flora, Tecna and Aisha find that it is difficult to swim underwater with only their Believix abilities saisn magic does not work well and is less effective under the ocean as well. Winx Club Saison 5 – Images Trendy avec fond.

113 Winx Party – Les 7 collections Saison 5. I am Techna in one season and can’t remember if it is 3″ Tweet. Upon opening the Sirenix Book, they are given Sirenix guardians and learn they must earn Sirenix before the next lunar cycle ends.

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She also invites them to her fashion show, where she also gains her Sirenix wish. To protect her friends from the Sirenix curse, Bloom and Serena go on a mission to find the Shark’s Head, where Politea lives. SDTV season 1—4 i: After a ballet they make up.

To save the Fairy Animals, the Winx will have to travel through time, gain new transformations known as Butterflix and Tynix and bond with Fairy Animals. Faragonda creates decorations, and then Faragonda allows children from Gardenia along with Bloom’s adoptive parents to come to Alfea and celebrate. The Winx find it difficult to stop her, but they manage to remove the phone from Tecna’s chest and she is restored to normal, and the Winx find the Wirenix Book.


Meanwhile everyone decides on the alliance and joins in the fight while Diaspro is not happy about it and gets mad and gets kicked to the pool for good. Winx Club – Bientot un site d’E-commerce.

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Winx Club Magica Citta Trying to obtain the gem of self-confidence, saaison Winx search in the oceans of Stella’s home world, Solaria. Main characters Molly C. This article needs additional citations for verification. I recorded with 4Kids. Play Winx Club – La version 1. TV by the Numbers by zap2it.

Sky then finally gives Bloom the pendant. Nickelodeon broadcast the third season under the subtitle Enchantix from November 14, to December 26, La fin du cauchemar.