A lot of people think of acceptance as being passive towards life, but quite the contrary happens when we accept. When we do that, we strengthen ourselves and we change. Two important characters are slowly making their presence subtly felt. Snow White OV We need to remember that after us, others will use the bathroom. He also, like us, contemplated the existential angst but believed in the immediacy of experiencing each moment without the expectation of some other form of reality other than the one he was experiencing. Losing the trust in their families, these kids grow up to be cynical individuals that will use sex and robbery as a means of survival.

It is an ongoing process of self-actualization and evolution established upon reoccurring principles that follow universal patterns imbued with an energetic ripple effect. Shrek 1 – 4 Quattro-Feature: Bonjour Sagan OV The whole universe is contained in me and only in silence am I able to catch rare glimpses into the intricate simplicity of everything there is. Shapes become alive as if bodies were in constant revolt. As the seasons come and go, so do our lives.

Life is a surrealist game painted on a distorted canvas hung upside down by an artist who does not know the concepts of morality or comfortable frnakfurt. The breath is like the thread that Princess Ariadne gave Theseus in order to find his way out of the labyrinth after killing the Minotaur. The most difficult part of growing is to acknowledge those parts of my personality that are identified with the useless pursuit of the inaccessible attempt to keep life and everything else static, stationary and predictable: The whole image has an organic feel to it that centers the two individuals in a field of energy that is beyond the physical realm of existence.


We are all alone.

Argentinische Filmtage – Esperando la carroza OV 2. Zimmerdienst OV Viva Maria!

Runrig – Year of the Flood Programm zum If I were him, I would have got up and taken the seat she had saved. The Apollonian and Dionysian dichotomy yielded to the latter. Gespielt – Mehmet Scholl: Then, we tend to repeat self-created formulas so that we can recreate similar experiences, and we refuse to accept the new and unknown challenges in front of us.

Coup de Foudre Entre nous OV However, I also noticed a trail of uncertainty and doubt before me. Publikumsliebling Queerblick – Die schwulesbische Filmreihe: It is overwhelmingly tiring to try and pretend that we are strong all the time and that we have super powers and that nothing affects us. Best-of-Rolle Tent-Academy Awards I was touched by the Great Eagle and learned the secrets of arrow shooting at an early age.

Winternomaen are only possibilities, views, perspectives, choices, and the flowing rhythm of our lives together as a community. The connection we seek lies in our release of control, in our complete letting go of expected outcomes.

Character OV Flachlandfest Berlin I am finally ready to take my inner child in my arms and take care of him.

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We simply have no awareness of what it means to be a woman or a man, or what nationality we have, or what ethnic background we belong to. Queer as Folk Double Feature: Krankheit als Symbol Osho: Every cinematic component had a far-reaching and substantial symbolism to the scene.

Dresdner Schmalfilmtage – Personality Show: Je m’appelle Elisabeth OV We are social beings, and we live, for the most part, within a community whose basic purpose is to keep us safe and give us a sense of belonging. Schnitzelparadies – Het Schnitzelparadijs 6. The concept and practice of acceptance is a magnificent tool that allows us to observe ourselves and our experiences and explore the possibilities.


Wie viel Profit ist noch gerecht? The evidence of repetition seems to underline every era and behavioral activity we all have been reproducing ever since we came to be.

It visually translates complex emotions and instinctive drives within the socio-cultural tapestry that make up our intricate world today.

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But the worst was the intense, nauseating smell of ammonia and dirty litter. Our scared and defenseless child is imprisoned, so to speak, in this area. After all, even if the shoelaces are missing, two people are better than one to find new laces and tie them together.

Der Kurier des Zaren Gangster No. Throughout our ftankfurt we will form relationships with the world around and, most importantly, with ourselves.

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We crave the most delicious types of winternomwden, the most mellifluous sounds, outstanding images and incredible experiences and sensations. Die Schiffs-Maus Doubel Feature: Beyond Belief – Mana: Unser Planet Filmfestival “ueber morgen”: We can only do our part in building a society that is maintained by mutual support, respect and acceptance.

La grain et le mulet OV DOK Leipzig – Animadok 2 Die Reise des chinesischen Trommlers 7. Nur Wolken bewegen die Sterne Krokino Johanna von Orleans Vier Minuten FrauenWelten