He dances to the music, making contact with each of the sleeping party-goers as he does. To get the reaction he wants from Queenie, Burrs grabs Nadine, the minor, and makes out with her. Black asks Queenie to leave the apartment with him. I know it’s long, haha. Comparatively, the LaChiusa score is tightly interwoven with the plot of the show. It treats truth and reality as lesser values. So many of the songs are interrupted or segue directly into the next number.

Tell Me Something They end up in the bedroom making love with the caring that she and Burrs never shared. Black “Look At Me Now”. Queenie, however, cannot let him go and leads him into the bedroom. Black and Queenie is prohibited by the whole company dancing the Juggernaut. Queenie, quite taken by Black, plans to make her move on him. In that context, it’s about being colorful, about being more daring than the next person, about being a social and moral adventurer, about being “thoroughly modern. And that is how Black wins her.

Burrs and Queenie are cast as Adam and Eve, and if you listen closely, this is a morality tale about the tug of war between pleasure and responsibility, about immediate gratification versus future consequences — about Burrs and Queenie. A transition synolsis built on the main theme of “A Wild, Wild Party” that morality tale wikd the consequences of our actions takes us back to the story and into the next song.

The Wild Party Original cast album. This enrages Kate who throws Nadine to the ground by her hair. The Sound of the Bell Burrs tries to pick up the fourteen-year-old Nadine, but Queenie gets in his way.

When Prohibition was passed, lawfulness took a hit lipa with alcohol. She hopes to make Burrs jealous by finding another man and showing that she can live without him. The party guests follow suit in the living room “Come With Me”.


But notice that Queenie never talks about love here, just passion and excitement. Instead of a vampire representing our uncontrollable sexual drives, here the sexual drives are the monsters themselves, right there on the surface, cutting the middle man out.

This struggle climaxes when Burrs grabs Queenie by the throat and begins choking her.

Who will she choose? Her legs were built To drive men mad… And she did… She would skid… The men enter, and for first time we see her flirting, playing with them, using her sexuality to get what she wants. Another ensemble character, he has a few solo verses here and there, and sings the part of “God,” in A Wild, Wild Party.

Burrs apologizes to Queenie in front of them both and begs loppa forgiveness. But disappointments are often off-set by new [ Concert Selections are original Broadway orchestrations and exciting new symphonic arrangements of select songs for use in concert performances.

Unsuccessfully, Kate tries to get Burrs to dance — then to defuse the situation, Kate takes Queenie out of Mr.

Lippa’s Wild Party

Now completely inebriated, Burrs begins to hallucinate. Laughing at him, Queenie says she will do whatever she chooses.

The Wild Party shows us that this culture of lawlessness bled into personal relationships and social customs. Estimated duration 5 min 25 sec. Gain full access to show guides, character breakdowns, auditions, monologues and more! The perfect way to get back at him occurs to her: Just then, Kate enters and the four of them go at one another, each trying to get the others’ attention.

Listen to a cast or demo recording before licensing your next musical. The songs that are not included on the original cast recording: They are interrupted by Oscar and Phil at the piano. We understand in a deeper way how damaged they are, and this prepares us for the weight of Act II.


The Wild Party – Variety

Kate nurses Burrs’ wounds and shares some cocaine with him, providing an opportunity for Black and Queenie to seek some privacy in the bedroom. It gives Black and Queenie a thin veneer of safety, since neither one is actually declaring love, which they know would be dangerous. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kate is alone and reflecting on her youthful indulgence.

And their lust was tremendous. Interestingly, Black is the only one of the four central characters who we meet talking. Black and Queenie are together again. Then Burrs threatens her physically and she leaves with Mr. They are distracted by the young composers, Oscar and Phil d’Armano, who choose this as the perfect moment to showcase a number from their new, sureto-be-a-hit musical, based on the Bible titled,”Good Heavens”. Queenie is strikingly absent.

And since the inherently abstract language of music better communicates emotions than words alone can which is why film thrillers use almost continuous underscoringall this makes the case for musicalization even stronger.

But they retire to the bed for sex, with the pulsating, aggressively carnal song “Come with Me. He uses devices from the world of opera, like leitmotifs musical phrases that represent a character or idea in the storyarias, complex quartets, trios, and other forms.

Lippa’s Wild Party 2 Posted: He is brought along to the party by Kate as “bait” for Queenie, so Kate can seduce Burrs.