However, Ken tells Mokoyama Azuma is a much better baker, and he challenges the St. Can Azuma really think of an idea to beat this ultimate weapon? Episode 38 Now Swim!! Solar Hands vs The Flame Arm! The episode ends with Kawachi making a mental note to himself that he would fulfill his father’s dream. It is revealed that Shadow had an innate ability to copy the winposes [ clarification needed ] of many famous sports stars as a kid, but turned to watching and imitating the famous mime Marcel Marceau after being bullied because of his talent.

With no other choice, team Japan makes a new life sized statue, with Kawachi inside. Horses will eat this type of bread because although they love wheat, they hate butter and dairy products. Later, when they are alone, Suwabara tells Monica a tragic story of his abandonment by his father, but promises to be the sort of father that his child will look up to. It is made using the highest quality ingredients, and all of the judges give it a perfect score. Pierre, bargaining that they must stop making the diet bread if they win. After talking to Kanmuri in the kitchen, Yukino finds the petalite slab and then breaks it into sand pouring it into a sandbox. On the day of the competition, Tsutsumi arrives with a pot made from volcanic rock and Kanmuri arrives with a log of apple-wood. The match ends with Azuma’s win.

The first part of the preliminary round begins. Soon everyone learns the answer to the question of who you give your bread to. The episode ends with Suwabara and Monica in a tender embrace as the sun goes down over the river. These allow bread to ferment more quickly, and he is able to make a bread that his grandfather loves.

Azuma, Kawachi, Suwabara, and Kuroyanagi now depart for France. While trying to swim to shore, Azuma gets lost in a whirlpool, and is later found by the Egyptian team. Azuma is unafraid and boldly yells “Bring it on! However, when yakitwte Azuma’s bread, the horse strongly rejects it. Panda finishes his “Triple Alpine Steamed Bun” and serves it to Kuroyanagi, who takes off and explodes three times like a rocketonly to reveal it was a robotic lookalike.


Episode 36 Speed Test!! However, Azuma rebounds to make a Mount Fuji -shaped bread, and gains two points back – comparatively, the strongest competitor otherwise, Suwabara Kai, has a zero point deduction. Tsubozuka meekly accepts defeat, much to the shock of his raving fans, and episoee asks Azuma if they can be friends, to which Azuma cheerfully replies, “Yeah! He then collapses, and his wound starts bleeding. Episode 30 To France!! Jjapan Panda Man Appears! Azuma Epizode is an aspiring baker who has left his small town for Tokyo to fight for his dream of jxpan a bread for all Japan.

Episode 59 Nin nin nin! Meron pan de meron meron!

When Kawachi tells him that a standard croissant is 54 layers, Azuma says that this is too little, and that it should be layers, which would be burnt to a crisp if baked. Back in Japan, St. Kaname buys the ingredients and Narumi epiisode the filling for the bread, while Chimatsuri, who possesses the Flame Arm, will do the actual baking.

It is based on a manga by Takashi Hashiguchi.

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Saigo no bansan, oaji ha ika ga? Then Azuma epizode his price – 0 yen. Their preliminary challenge is to make dinner bread that will last for three weeks without growing mold. Kuroyanagi’s old friend Kid informs the group of who Monica is in the story, suddenly out of the blue, with his power as the head of a NY investigation company named “KID”.

Yukino Azusagawa even mentions that she was banned from interfering and sabotaging Pantasia; therefore she loses her chance to grab the spotlight one last time.

Japan 21 gou jaa! Episode 45 La la la!

Yakitate!! Japan

The judges, Kuroyanagi and Dave go to heaven after eating Azuma’s bread. As the match kicks off, Azuma shocks everyone by pulling out dough that looks as though it was made in advance: Pierrot now called the Miracle Prince because of his miraculous recovery picks up the team in a helicopter and flies them to the tournament.


After being rescued from the cave, Azuma and the gang finally meet the king of Monaco, who is also the new chairman of the competition after the former one ran away after being suspected of fixing the competition. Pierrot realizes he has altered the course of history and brought his parents back from the dead and excitedly pronounces Azuma the winner, meaning Japan has won the Monaco Cup.

Yakitahe ga panda ni natta hi! Himitsu no tare de henshin ja!

Pierrot convinces team Japan that he will go yakutate call for help, but in truth he cannot swim. Tsukino suddenly realizes that in the duration of the Yakitate!

For the second part of the quarter-finals, the final eight are brought to a deserted island.

The final match between Kawachi and Suwabara starts. Azuma and Kawachi are wondering why the store doesn’t get more customers when the main store has lines dragging on and on.

The theme for the next round is Uppurui and the task is to make a bread with noriand with the Pantasia team having to face off against Miki Norihei, a famous wacth who is renowned for his skills in preparing nori, the situation looks grim. Kawachi meets a young nun who turns out to be his mentor on baking bread, during his stay. Pantajia sonbou no kiki!

Taiyou no Te wo Motsu Shounen!