Er, are Keith or Diana home? But your husband and Alex? The end of the world. Abuse of the TV. He said he had a private self and a soldier self. He went round to Ollie’s and threatened him, threatened to kill him. I did a search of the lines, looking for illegal firearms.

So let’s proceed on the assumption that Budgie’s death was not murder, though that doesn’t rule out a connection. Vera’s investigations uncover a fresh connection with the tragedy in Iraq. No, you go and charm her first. It’s because because I could see the whole thing had caused her so much pain. But, apparently, there’s a variety of DNAs in vomit. Is he not entitled to his dignity?

That’s what we used to get, Joe.

Grafton in the office, his shirt sleeve keeps sandanvers position. I shot him, I took his gun and I shot him.

Gave me some tabs to help me sleep. And as you know, Dev was long dead before dawn. Said he meant nothing by it. This is a very, very fine episode, very gritty, with some very harrowing content. They know how to get access to all the equipment.

Sanancers a big deal, isn’t it? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Broken Promise Full Episode S 7: They were all under stress out there. Eh, come on, I’m feeling all demob happy, as if I’ve made it through basic training. A good back story for Vera, who’s now suffering with angina, a really nice scene where onlinw and Joe sit down to a salad.


Poster Child Full Episode S 3: Or do you blame Budgie? But something an ATO like Deverson would know how to make?

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A suicide, of sandancfrs, is bad for morale. I know that it would’ve been Dev’s last will and testament that we get absolutely hammered in his memory. Ollie had just been selected for his final training to become an ATO. Now, the killer wanted us to believe he’d committed suicide.

You’ve got to help us here. Sanddancers think he was murdered? Well, like CID, we’re independent of the powers that be. My mate Kez was on stag at front gate that morning. Darkwater Full Episode S 8: Cadvar House confirmed the Bartons were there last night.

I told him that the path was clear. But how would Deverson know there were more lEDs? Come on, boss, we can’t get him. We went to Dominic’s for a nightcap. Come on, bera of hands.

Where are we going, lads? I was just checking he wasn’t ill or something.



So how is it you know onlinee place again? You and Barton go back a long way, don’t you? And when he was on tour?

Instead, you seem intent on questioning military operation and procedure, which lie beyond the wxtch of your jurisdiction or competence. Look, I know it doesn’t compare, what we do. There’s a lot riding on Billy’s theory. Your prints are all over it. I don’t have a lawyer present. Deverson was estranged from his wife.

Budgie, he’d been dead for hours. And here’s me thinking you’d been partying in the morgue again. Oh, Captain Shepherd’s been a great help. Well, you’ve sacrificed more than most.

And now that Deverson’s dead, we’ll never know. Oh, well, Keith wanted to go ahead and make it public anyway. You’d have thought military police would handle it themselves.

No, I washed and mended his uniform. An extreme sportsman plunges from a cliff top engulfed wathc flames.