But my god , they are a fabulous team, able to combine their strengths to give Amon a serious threat. Rampage looks to break his losing streak in the fifth preliminary fight. Coach Hughes gets annoyed with the constant whining of one of his fighters. This entry was posted in The Legend of Korra and tagged mark watches the legend of korra. Kimbo battles an injury with hopes of returning as a replacement. One fighter creates controversy by training with the opposing team, Nate discovers his fate in the game, and a previously eliminated fighter gets another shot at the contract.

The Ultimate Fighter Season 28 Episode 7 s28e popular. Jon Koppenhaver is an explosive fighter with a troubled past. Rampage and Rashad nearly come to blows. A night on the town for the team members turns violent. Views Read Edit View history. About Mark Oshiro Perpetually unprepared since ‘

It is revealed that Rader owes child support. A new nagions arrives at the house ruffling some feathers and the heavyweights prepare for their first battle in the Octagon.

Mark Watches ‘The Legend of Korra’: S01E06 – And the Winner Is… |

S07E02 No Losers Here. Mike Ricci in the Season 16 finale in Las Vegas. S06E07 The Game Plan. Sevak flies into a violent rage after Alex runs his mouth yet again.


When Mayhem stops by the house for the fighter’s barbeque, he dares Dustin Pague to eat a couple of live backyard bugs.

Mike De La Torre. S10E01 Size Does Matter.

Tito shares disturbing news with his team. At the very least, I understand where her anger comes from.

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The sheer violence and dehumanization of his actions disturbs and unsettles me. Dana and the coaches set the semifinal matchups.

I am incredibly excited to waych where this goes, as the writers certainly have my full attention at this point. S02E08 Knees and Elbows. Season 17 begins with 14 winners of middleweight mixed martial arts preliminary bouts meeting coaches Jon “Bones” Jones and Chael Sonnen in Las Vegas.

Alex Caceres annoys the other fighters with his bragging. John Dodson, and Featherweights: Henderson 3 Magny vs. S04E09 Welterweight Semifinal 1. All four Mark Reads Twilight books are available for purchase as well! Korean Zombie Lewis vs. S12E08 Kos in a Commotion. The winner receives a six-figure contract bations the UFC.

The Ultimate Fighter: Nations

S07E07 Under the Radar. The sixth preliminary bout ends in controversy. Watch Incredible Crew s01e06 on Cartoon Network. S07E08 Mean and Nasty.

The Ultimate Fighter

S16E11 Fight the Perfect Fight. S14E02 I Against I. The fighters form alliances to advance in the competition.


Two days prior to the live episode, the 32 fighters were introduced to Dana White and the two coaches. To make matters worse, one of the teams is struggling with discord among its members. Dana warns the fighters to step it up in the Octagon if they ever want to make it in the UFC.

One fighter tries to take an easy path through the competition while another fighter disappoints his coach during crunch time. A fighter receives tragic news from fighrer. Urijah Faber wins the coin flip and decides to pick the first fight.

But he’s up against one of the best middleweights in Canada, Elias Theodorou, who sports an 8 and 0 record. After the smoke clears, the semifinal matchups are announced. Rampage and Forrest pick teams; one fighter has a contagious skin disease that jeopardizes his future in the competition.