Although she was known to be a noble lady and a good woman from heart, she would be misundertood at most times. Sardari forced her talent and musical knowledge in establishing Sakeena as the next Sardari which clearly Sakeena was not meant to be. Adding to the miseries was her attitude and stubbornness. As an accomplished singer, her rise to stardom and ill fated death makes a compelling story for generations to come. Her talent and deep love for music challenged the society where women are meant to follow traditional values. Fateh Khan Uttara Baokar Sadiq convinces Sardari to come with him to Delhi so that her voice can be popular and she would become famous. Amit Khanna Mahesh Bhatt.

Sardari Begum 6. Views Read Edit View history. After he leaves Iqbal Bai, he continues to support Sardari Begum in her future concerts at Hemraj’s house and later in Delhi. Edit Did You Know? Rajeshwari Sachdev too standouts especially in the final sequences. Retrieved from ” https:

Mr Sen accepts all her conditions but gets reluctant to accept Sakina as his own daughter.

The film won 3 awards at the 44th National Film Awards which were presented in July Jabbar wants to return the money as he thinks it was a debt while Sardari regards it as a gift for Tehzeeb. Archived from the original on 22 March Feature films directed by Shyam Onkine.

Coming from a onlinf and destitute family, Urvashi is encouraged by her mother, Shanta Sualbha Deshpande to be on more than friendly terms with a much older male, Keshav Dalvi Amol Palekar At Tehzeeb’s residence, Jabbar tells her daughter about the stubbornness of her elder sister yet also confessing his love sardaru her as she was his only sister.

Sadiq also comes to know that Sardari is pregnant with Hemraj’s child however he has no obligations to accept both. This movie tells story of fierce and total competition of two related business families in the days of license raaj India. It deals with frre brothel at the heart of a city, in an area that some politicians want She decides to write a long article in her memory in the newspaper she works but her editor doesn’t not approve.


Sardari Begum (1996)

Both films are said to be part of a trilogy of which the third film is ‘Mammo’. The Police are called vree investigate the death of a woman during a riot. Start your free trial. The music by Vanraj Bhatia deserves a special mention who composed some of the most memorable ‘thumri’ numbers for the film.

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Best Hindi Films of Watch Now With Prime Video. The woman killed is known in the community as “Sardari Begum” Kiron Khera popular singer and courtesan. The religious nature of the incident and the waych elections combine to attract the media’s attention.

She feels cheated by her husband as he exploited her talent, passion and money for his own investments and purposes and was never cared for her otherwise. Sadiq uses her money for his own purposes. Use the HTML below.

On seeing her dejected, Tehzeeb narrates her story. As an accomplished singer, her rise to stardom and ill fated death makes a compelling story for generations to come. The film has been beautifully directed by renowned film director Shyam Benegal. This story chronicles are youth, her contacts, and her life-style. The editing is crisp. Hemraj felt attracted towards Sardari which is why Sardari approach him and asks onlinw shelter.

Inspired by her aunt’s story, Tehzeeb sends the article to a different newspaper for publishing which she reports to her lover editor. This Week’s Top Trailers. Mr Sen later repents for not accepting Sakina. Sardari succumbs to her injuries and dies.


For eight years, she reigns supreme and at the top of her game. Now the film comes to the present where Sardari is practicing her singing when she hears a ruckus and goes out to witness and suddenly a stone thrown from the agitated mob hits her hard. At the end, Sardari’s daughter Sakeena is seen practicing singing thus signifying that she would continue to live with mother’s legacy olnine a great singer.

This film focuses on the complex portrait of family relationships, generational and sexual politics as well as social mores in India. After fudged photographs and bribes, he has no loan amount left to build his onlihe. Sardari’s talent was recognized and she became a huge classical singing star but could not maintain her success.

Amit Khanna Mahesh Bhatt. One day, when one of Sardari’s recording gets cancelled, Mr Sen feels disappointed at Sardari’s unprofessionalism. Sardari then makes her way at Hemraj’s Amrish Puri house. Her talent and deep love for music challenged the society where women are meant to follow traditional values. Having Inspired by her story, Tehzeeb decides to dig deeper in her late aunt’s life. Sardari and Sadiq comes to Delhi and marry in a private ceremony.

Young Jabbar Rajit Kapoor Mr Sen was also in love with Sardari, At one visit he asks her to sing some ghazals and ultimately proposes her for marriage.

Arati Ankalikar-TikekarShubha Joshi. Trikal Past, Present, Future However, he felt Sadiq was never the right person for Sardari. He extracts sardqri fine performances from his actors.