I look more forward to non-romantic story lines and interactions between young and old or the hwang and cha in-laws. Her dad goes to the farm. I love almost all relationships, interactions in this drama.. Perfect hellish recipe, i would have changed the locks too. UEE is definitely growing on me and I really like Joo Won, if they get together in real life they’d make one gorgeous couple. But yeah, I adore Guk Soo.

The chief is there too and watches them hug. They start out with misconceptions about each other and develop a quirky friendship, even pretending to be lovers to get an ex off his back. Looks gross to me but very funny. Mom and her treatment of Ja Eun, Tae Shik being an imbecile over his son. You won’t regret it! There are other bloggers who recap shows; javabeans and girlfriday are undeniably awesome, but can’t recap everything, and a epidsode drama which has now been extended to 58, I believe is a huge time commitment. I just dont get the logic.

Maybe brothsrs was playing bad cop a little to broghers J? Mom takes her out for a day, and they walk through the market holding hands, getting compliments from other ajummas about how mother and daughter look so good together. Back when J told him to buy a purse for the mom instead of rings I mentioned that it would be all the sweeter if he bought rings anyways, and he did! January 22, at TH and dad are talking. When I get back to them, I’ll be able to marathon a good few without worries.

Baek Ja Eun is a haughty young woman who only believes in her pretty looks and is quick to flare up in anger I hope they really don’t get to divorce. I also love how Cadence-Souls Rebel recapping this drama. Ojakgyo Brothers is so awesome that you find yourself asking for episode extension. Yellow Boots ep 1 eng Sub Available. Your email address will not be published. D Thanks again, girlfriday, and I can’t wait to read the next Ojakkyo report! She asks if he ate dinner. After reading your review of the 1st half, I try watching it.


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I didnt see how these two are together just once or twice. Btw, Joo Won looks nowhere close to MS says no he is going to remarry so he wants to take H out of his registry cuz H is under his name now.

I heard everything from J. So it’s pretty weird hearing UEE’s character call him “ahjussi” when they are just about years apart in real life! The last couple episodes it seemed like he had at least a little doubt and might investigate things, so I was genuinely surprised that he spoke and glared with such conviction.

Oh, did I forgot to mention Kook-soo? TH comes up too and stands behind her.


Go give it a try. Now that MS has hinted at marriage, I wonder if they will end up getting married first?

Ojakgyo Brothers – Episode 3. Not something like 1N2D right? J goes after them Dad takes Baek into the shed.

Ojakkyo Brothers E49

TB asks if that is really true to TP. He says to just cry aloud without caring what he thinks, but she lies and says she is going to sleep but tries to cry silently. I told dad I would meet him at the farm. Firstly, 3 of the actors from SY is in OB. Yes, it’s THAT good! Description The story of a family with four sons who live together with their relatives on a farm near Seoul. He’s still cute in OB but infuriating too.


I think the grandma is safe for now because the rules of family-drama-writing state that the wedding must come first! She says the food is ready so wash your hands and come TB and SY are eating quickly so the mom tells them to eat slowly — were you hungry?

I watched Ojakgyo since i saw the scene “I like guys, ajusshi do you like guys too? There’s nothing like family shows for me. Thanks for the report GF.

It’s funny and heartwarming and cute. Standby eps 21 Synopsis Sumary Aww, get ready to tear up a bit because today is a touching episode. Why did I forgive ajumma?

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TB says even though TP is not a young kid underage or anything and spits out a bunch of hard adjectives ojagkyo what Y should have taken into consideration and ends with saying TP is only 28 and is a young bachelor to the aunt.

They pick out baby clothes next. Before I returned to Korea, I heard about the bankruptcy. Dolce Amore Episode Somehow, I am just not ready to let them go yet so I am wwtch the last few episodes of SY slowly.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: She’s fierce but so adorable. Thanks for the report girlfriday!

This drama does a great job of balancing the cute and comedic with the gut-wrenching, which I appreciate for its lack of melodramatic treatment.