It’s incredible to see an actress more than 30 years ago portray such a powerful female character who easily says more with her eyes or just a look than any modern actress can or could ever do. The Secret Police stage a prison break in exchange for her investigating Ransui anarchist and obtaining a secret document. The intricate script by Norio Osada and Kiyohide Ohara offers plenty of stinging political commentary on the abuse of power and authority, with the police coming across as total sadistic bastards who use torture and other brutish methods to reign supreme over the land. She does shine when given the chance however, and hardcore fans of the genre will no doubt lap the balletic carnage. Martial arts fans and those interested in Japanese culture should be familiar with Lady Snowblood. Not one to toe the line, I would say that it is easily as entertaining—a little more complex and bit less bloody perhaps, but still a very worthy addition to the 70s Japanese exploitation genre. Then one day the odds become too much to overcome and she is captured and subsequently tried and convicted by a court of law.

You could admire this film for not further milking out the success of the first, but it lacks a proper story itself. While the original had a more simplistic, vengeance orientated plot, this sequel unfortunately bites off a bit more than it can chew as it weaves Yuki in with the politics of early 20 Century Japan and the events of the Russo-Japanese war. Lady Snowblood 2 isn’t as good as the original; mostly because the plot is messier and Meiko Kaji’s role isn’t as significant and somewhat downplayed. Love Song of Vengeance The violence was far more spectacular especially for the 70’s , I liked the music a lot and even though the story was not as good as the first one I prefer the second part. So that we can improve our services to provide for you better services in further!

Like the first film, this one has a lot of blood–though not the squirting and spurting geyser-like variety this time at least not until the very end. Love Song Of Vengeance” of is a quite different, but more than decent sequel to Fujita’s blood-soaked and beautiful gem “Shurayukihime” aka.

Adventure, Drama, Romance, War Runtime: The first movie outshines this movie in every way, but the second is still entertaining. The Merchant Of Four Seasons. She meets a doctor while englissh the run from police but her injury gets her subtifles anyways. This film finds her a ebglish woman throughout Japan–and oddly the film is set about a decade or more ahead of the last film, though she looks exactly the same.

Olnine you liked the first film, it’s very likely that you will also appreciate the sequel because it kept most elements that made the first film particularly outstanding and added more historic, political and social components to it. I can highly recommend the recently updated Criterion Collection including both the original Lady Snowblood and this surprisingly solid sequel as well as additional interviews and trailers.


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The CIA helps her escape and she helps destroy some evil people. Not as good as the first but much more entertaining. NetFlix is something we have in America.

Not one to toe the line, I would say that it is easily as entertaining—a little more complex and bit less bloody perhaps, but still a very worthy addition to the 70s Japanese exploitation genre. Woodyanders 14 July Big House Bunny Genres: Witchfinder-General 20 September Onlinw, the “Lady Snowblood” films are probably best known for being the main inspiration for Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” films, but they sure deserve more attention for their own sake.

It seems to have been substituted for lqdy. Caught between revolutionaries and secret policemen, Yuki makes sure the bad guys meet a particularly nasty end. The film-making is detailed, precise and visually stunning, the ssubtitles sequences once again find the right balance between elegance and violence and the acting performances are all excellent.

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In Starboard Light a family must witness On one side, this change is quite interesting as this film offers something different from the first film but it also takes away from englush first movie’s gloomy atmosphere and more personal connection to the main character.

There are still some great scenes of fighting and blood gushing, the best being a fat policeman getting both his eyes gouged out! The stunning Meiko Kaji reprises her role as Shurayuki-hime onllne translated “Princess Snow-Hell”the beautiful agent of death. I’ve studied a bit of Japanese history from this period at university, so the tie-in managed to maintain my interest. This time she is not out for personal vengeance, but is caught up in the political intrigue of the Meiji era of 19th century Japan.


I think the price is far too high for a below-average DVD like this. For the german ones: Has anyone seen the sequel? Lady snowblood is a great movie. Moreover, there are sturdy contributions from Kazuko Yoshiyuki as Ransui’s loyal wife Aya, Yoshio Harada as Ransui’s estranged doctor brother Shusuke, and Shin Kishida as ruthless and manipulative police chief Seishiro.

On the day of her execution, the secret police force frees her and offers her to work as spy and assassin for them. But i could not see what anything in this movie had to do with Yuki. While the first film is probably the best, they all deserve to be seen and appreciated.

Stills from the movie could be framed and hung on your wall, but the main joy to be had is with its narrative simplicity and thrilling swordplay. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! It’s a shame that there weren’t more Lady Snowblood movies because the feminist character is particularly unique and perfectly portrayed by a stunning Kaji Meiko.


Uriah43 20 August Kaji Meiko was spell binding in the original, but here she isn’t given much to do.

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Even so, her activities don’t go unnoticed and soon she becomes one of the most wanted outlaws in Japan and is hunted mercilessly. Was this review helpful? Blizzard From the Netherworld and Lady Snowblood 2: San Pablo assigned to patrol a tributary of the Yangtze in the middle of exploited and revolution-torn China.

Here it seems as though they were trying to shoot the scenes as quickly as possible lots of long takes. Obviously, the film is set ohline years after the events in the original “Lady Snowblood”.

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Different in tone from the original mevmijaumau 8 November The sequel came the very next year, and like most successes in aatch the hero achieves their goal and nicely wraps up the story, the only option going forward is to broaden the scope and give the protagonist a new mission. I really enjoyed the first fight scene at the graveyard where she just walk silently away while fighting all the policemen away.

Fujita and his film-making colleagues would seem to have strained hard to dream up lasy adventures of a fashion-model assassin-for-hire now with a price on her head who is a walking, flamboyant onnline and not particularly choosy whom she works for at any moment.

Huge collection of videos over 80, movies and TV Shows on one site. It’s a very well made and entertaining film, but don’t except another outrageous masterpiece. I really dig the movie.

It seems they want her to bring them a certain important document and then kill the man who is hiding it. But when Yuki learns that the letter contains evidence of a conspiracy to frame innocent anarchists for an act of unrelated terrorism, she decides that the corrupt officials involved need to be taught a lesson. Yuki seems devoid of engish emotion, and while that was a theme in the first, it subtigles established that she was capable of human feeling.