Since the MBC channels are the most watched by Algerians, this work considers these MBC commercials to be a cultural threat for they do not merely propagate for products but for a whole culture. Almost all of these are American. Moreover, this research aims at uncovering the influence of the MBC advertisements on Algerians and therefore the influence of American culture in Algeria through the consumption of American products. It allowed the American ideologies and values and all what is interested about promoting it to be transmitted out the U. This American cultural advertising and presence in Algeria is questioned through a conducted survey, which tackles the Algerian liaison to the American advertising. Pampers, Protector and Gamble. This huge number did not only transmit the musical genre but a whole American culture. I know that it was hard, but I promise that this is but a first step for making you proud of me.

Hollywood and American Cultural Dominance………………… At the very start of the theory of cultural imperialism, its proponents were interested in the political and cultural aspects as they were the most important issues of the post-independent era. This is noted via Table 7 which demonstrates the strong presence of the American products and the huge advertisement of the latter simply through the high number of commercials. Hollywood and the U. There are of course many sensitive issues in the Arab world. Our empirical study on the MBC reveals that later massively broadcasts the American advertisements which affects heavily the Algerian society. Watch them Change the channel Others:

The way of advertising the products is for sure a major factor for making audience remember and being interested about the product.

The sample included 65 Algerians of different ages and backgrounds who largely answered that they watch the MBC channels instead of the national channels because they are more attractive as they broadcast interesting programs. Jeans later on succeeded to be the choice of many social classes not just in the United States but around the world.

The company advertizes for the most famous drink which is Coca- Cola.

Almost all of these are American. The answers and explanations fati,a why favoring the American ads more were not so different and were centered about the commercials themselves as well as the Arabic products. The Media, medium of this cultural threat, will also be considered with a specific reference to the Algerian media where American culture is highly effectual, which also affects the Algerian society.

It allowed the American ideologies and ftaima and all what is interested about promoting it to be transmitted out the U. These channels succeeded to grasp their attention and replaced in the process their national TV channels.


The MBC succeeded in being one of the most important Arabic channels broadcasting from London, from its first watcu of broadcasting in till American advertisements in terms of numbers won the highest number of broadcasting with about ads representing A Historical Background ……………………………… American products global existence and consumerism is a result of the huge advertisement that is transmitted through the different mediums of the media.

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The process whereby ownership, structure, distribution, or content of the media in any wacth country are singly or together subject to substantial external pressure from the media interests of any other country or countries without proportionate reciprocation of influence by the country so affected qtd.

However the rest of the questions show that commercials massively affect the Algerians decisions and decently catch their attentions. It should be mentioned that the American products that are consumed by the Algerians are not only the ones shown in this table.

Postcolonial studies provided many interpretations of culture and considered it as one of the important aspects of human life and identity. Unlike the rest of the channels, these six channels proved to be the channels that are watched most by the Algerians see table 2.

The number of channels carried by Nilesat rose in to Arab and international TV channels, Nilesat, which is based on the digital system, also carries radio station Cooper In April Egypt launched its satellite, Nilesat which carried at fatika time, 12 satellite TV channels, including 12 satellite channels, including 72 radio channels covering the Middle East Africa and parts of Asia.

At that time, the United States emerged as a hyper power and started to promote its culture that influenced many cultures, which called the oh of many scholars to this not only economic but cultural threat too.

And I was very reluctant. The MBC channels do not deviate from the rule. The Rise of the MBC……………………………………… MBC3 delivers many show programs from the American basic cable and satellite television faitma Nickelodeon. The American media and culture influenced heavily the Third World media and culture. With a rate of fahima This Algerian preference of American advertisements and consumption of American products did not stop at this level; it turned to be a tool of commercial advertising in Algeria.


On the contrary, the Arabic ones for them, unlike those of ratima Europeans and Americans, lack creativity and are considered to be merely imitation of the western ones.

The question was about mentioning the most remembered ads they have seen on MBC channels. This notion of the American cultural influence affected the Third World heavily and changed it in the name of modernization and civilization; this is in itself a form of imperialism. Postcolonial Studies and fafima Cultural Imperialism Thesis…… This might be for financial purposes; yet, it certainly has its effect on datch Arab culture in general.


Buying American Products as a result of Advertising Table 13 shows that Algerians though they are unaware and deny the influence of the commercials on them, they are unconsciously affected.

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Yet, the Algerian media kept in hands of the government and needed to provide depictions that does not contradict with the governmental atmosphere. The American programs include TV series and talk shows aired on both channels.

Later, through this chapter cultural imperialism is presented in relation to the Algerian case, mainly through the higher viewership of the Algerians for the MBC channels. The international impact of American culture grasped the attention of scholars as well as the public.

The following Circle provides more clarification for Table 7.

MBC 4 TV LIVE – قناة أم بي سي 4 – مباشر – MBC 4 TV Online

One of the famous theorists that tackled the definition of the issue of cultural imperialism was the American media critic and sociologist Herbert Schiller who used the term in his Communication and Cultural Domination.

According to Muhammad Ayish, a professor of Mass Communication at the American University of Sharjah, the Arab media went through three major historical phases that are: These brands managed to be present all around the world, therefore American culture around the world. For a fayima understanding of cultural imperialism, it is important to refer to postcolonial studies. Downy, Protector and Gamble. Globalization and Emerging Media Industries. Fairy, Protector and Gamble. Most of the new private channels claimed to be family channels which attracted multinational audiences wathc the Arab world as a whole.

MBC3 is an entertainment channel that is dedicated for children. Movies are distributed to times and themes that are: The spread of western ideals had a devastating effect on the Third World cultures. For a teenager or even an adult, to wear T-shirts and jeans while listening to an American music groups and rock stars grant the privilege of being not just accepted but appreciated. Buying American Products as a result of Advertising 70 Table The power and influence which the U.