The view from that camera will allow you to activate the switch at the mast. Go over some air conditioners, then keep going counter-clockwise until you reach the unlock panel. Hack the panel, pass through the unlocked ctOS gate, and make a right. Almost in each case, to access the terminal, you need to enter the alley between buildings. Then, hack into the camera on the mast and switch to the next one, farther in the building. Take them up and get onto the roof from the left of the explosive panel.

The 10th tower on east side from bay in the center of Brandon Docks. Often, there are several ways to gain access to the mast itself, you can often cheat a little e. The switch next to the mast. Main missions – Act IV. To access the mast, you still need to walk through the gate and climb onto the ladder. When you get to the top, look left to find the tower.

The challenge is in gaining access to these fenced-in towers.

Unfortunately, these systems aren’t accessible until after you complete the Backstage Pass mission. Basic information Description of the available skills. Sorry, but you can’t access this content!

Switch to a fourth camera and use it to unlock a panel that needs to be hacked. If you’re stumped, it could be because you found the carrier too far for a successful roof jump. Unlock the door, then return to the roof and go through the gate. Accessing the next mast is very easy. To get to the next mast, you need to take three steps: Switch to a third camera through a door, then hack the unlock panel. Hacking the panel unlocks the gate, qatch you to reach the ctOS Tower and install the backdoor.


Watch Dogs guide: Where to find all the ctOS Towers

The camera view of the forklift that you need to move. There is an cctos way to reach the sixth mast. This video has an invalid file format. Go through the gate, make your way left and go over some more air conditioners, and you’ll reach the final gate.

Climb onto the air conditioners and go up the yellow ladder. Watvh your way through the gates until you’re inside the white building with the ctOS Tower. Switch to that camera and use it to unlock the door.

Instead, go around to the building behind the car and hack the unlock panel.

Watch Dogs ctOS Centres & Towers Walkthrough Guide | GamesRadar+

Return the way you came and step through the newly unlocked door. See then, where you can find the camera: Drive through the fence, then go through the gate to climb a yellow ladder. Now you have a good view of the unlock panel.

The 12th tower teh located near the rails in the western part of The Wards. In fact, the interior of the warehouse has nothing warvs do with this puzzle. TO open it, just like in any other case, you need to locate the lock’s activator.

In front of the gate, you are close enough to use the Profiler to hack into the camera on the opposite building. The camera on the edge of the neighboring building. The switch is covered with pallets – you can smash them by destroying the fuse box on the wall.

There will be a yellow ladder on the wall across the way. While still on the ground level, look for an unlock panel. While facing the door, turn right 90 degrees and hack the camera.


Run toward the ctOS facility and go up the stairs. Then go up the yellow ladder.

Head around the building and go through the gates to reach the ctOS Tower and install the backdoor. Use it to gain access to the rooftop. A zoomed view will allow you to hack into the second camera that you can see through dog window, on the upper floor. Go to the point just south of The Loop District.

Watch Dogs ctOS Centres & Towers walkthrough guide

Ranged and close combat Odgs of enemies Taking damage and the consequences of dying. You should be able to see the unlock panel below you while standing on the air conditioners.

Hack the unlock panel to gain access to the tower. Now go through the alley and use the blue lift to get up to the balcony. Start by hacking the camera next to the billboard west of the tower.

The second tower can be found watcb of the first one. Go through that to reach the tower. Once you reach that tower, you need to take the following steps. Head into the small parking lot with the barbed wire-enforced wall and climb up using the forklift.

Did you notice the Intrusion panel after reaching the ctOS gate?