Also, Zee seeks personal growth as Kaila and Kandyce take the gloves off and have a battle royal. Listings Closed Captioning Rating Guidelines. Camilla jealous of Elease?????? She was fake in the house and only got the lead cause she played the tough guy role and they all fell in line. I was looking for that and couldn’t find it anywhere! I didn’t watch the episode where Camilla was on the show but she was doing too much on the reunion. For those who missed it! I’m glad they saw the lock out was her idea, and she still tried to just whatever it.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. May 8, The fights look better though. Reunion Part 2 Full Episode S I think Tanisha is a great host! May 8, 2.

I think Tanisha is a great host! Also, Elliadria and Kaila’s friendship begins to shatter, and Kailie and Zee desperately try to mend their fractured relationships with the reubion ladies. Elease was the same.

Reunion Part 3 Full Episode S May 8, 9. Shabully Full Episode S She didn’t even have funny confessionals or anything.

Shabye Full Episode S Shadesofgay Full Episode S Gia is so annoying. I thought i was the only one that thought Gia was doin’ too much the entire time. Meanwhile, Seven and Kiyanna clash, and Keyaira wahch an opportunity to record a song in a studio.


Hellogoodbye Full Episode S Reunion Part 2 Full Episode S Fuck blend, just get a whole new set of tracks and dye the shit. And they are to never put twins or family members on fdee show.

Meanwhile, Adryan gets an opportunity to work on her career. She needs to get kicked in the face again or something.

If she thinks she’s gonna get any kind of little shine off the show she should think again because she comes off very unlikable. No, create an account now.

BGC 8 Reunion: Part 2 | Bad Girls Club Photos

And dear Lord why doesn’t Amy have any friends that can teach her to blend her weave? Erica was just as boring as she was in the house. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

May 8, 2. Amy is ugly and try hard. May 8, 1. Here, drama surrounds Diamond and Olivia, and life coach Laura meets with the cast for a final time. It just came off as jealously, especially when she said the implant part. Do you already have an account? For those who missed it! Meanwhile, a comedy roast adds levity, and the ladies go big for their final night. Must be the Leno chin Nunn syndrome. This site uses cookies.

May 8, And then have a friend run up too! It wants me to sign up. Meanwhile, the ladies scramble to complete tasks to win a bucket-list challenge. May 8, 6.


The Bad Girls Club – S 8 E 15 – Reunion Part 2

May 8, 5. The fact that she is long and lean doesn’t hurt either.

Link not working, OP. Coastal Clash Full Episode Watcj Abuse of the TV. High drama revolves around Jazmyn and Jaimee. Camilla shits all over Elease. One thing the girl can do is take an ass whooping and come out looking pretty.

The Bad Girls Club – S 8 E 15 – Reunion Part 2 – video dailymotion

The “bad girls” reunite. Also, Jazmyn and Jaimee lose their only allies. Yes, my password is: I really want to know what Mimi’s casting tape looked like that she got put on the show.

All of them were full of shit, The only thing that’s a “once in a lifetime experience” is when oxygen sends them to other states why is a bad girl defined as partying,drinking,fighting and being a bitch? They tried to call her out on her flip flopping but it didn’t stick.