That might partially be his downfall, though, because everything that Sokka does from this point is much more reckless than he is used to. The feeling of dread grew as Sokka was carted off to be put in the lineup. Frequently Asked Questions Q: July 6, at I find it interesting that Zuko’s first attempt at trying to encourage Sokka involves him trying to directly emulate something Iroh might say…but he actually succeeds when he emulates what Iroh would actually be doing while saying that; drawing on personal experience to impart wisdom. Happier Trails May 25,

Yeah, I may be a multishipper, but this episode kinda sealed things in for me, as far as rooting for Maiko and Zutara and Kataang—I love multishipping. While I’ve been a fan of the show since it began, I’ve never stepped foot into the fandom, so I honestly didn’t know if anyone shipped them. Graduation plans hit a major speed bump when Sadie Saxton is forbidden from walking at graduation. I love most of the videos this person has done, they’re all pretty excellent, but be aware the others are probably all spoilers through the end of the series we’re so close, whyyy? Jake has an unexpected hookup, and Sadie and Sergio find themselves baring more than ever before. I’m sorry for your ot3, but I love Mai and Ty Lee better without Azula leading them around by their noses. I hate when women, in fiction or real life, think they have to be “one of the guys” in order to be accepted and not be a “girly girl.

Maybe his history was publicized on the aforementioned wanted posters? And this whole season, really, is just full of excellent dialogue not that it was at all bad in one or two, just that it got kicked up a notch in three. Scribe affair had an obvious sockpuppet who was supposedly her live-in babysitter or something. Think on that for a moment. Adkward even realizing this, the writers do such awkwardd good job drawing out the tension of the scene. In the Season 5 finale, Jenna chooses between an important SCU event and her camp reunion, which leads to a bigger decision: Either way, you can see the same war that Mai had already fought — her desire to protect someone she cares about vs her fear of Azula — happening in that one, devastated moment.


When a young boy disappears, his mother, a police chief, and his friends must confront terrifying forces in order to get him back.

I can’t say I blame her for being so angry at him.

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Just not evil, which is different. Once Chit Sang admitted that someone else disguised as a guard had come up with the escape plan, my heart sank: And that female guard that unmasks Zuko? On the run from a drug deal onlinne bad, Mike Ross, a brilliant college dropout, finds himself a job working with Harvey Specter, one of New York City’s best lawyers.

And it’s nice to see Sokka fully appreciate her skills without being overly protective of her. A3e13 he does have a few nice funny moments that waatch the lulz. I’m more into her than I am into Mai and Ty Lee, who don’t feel as well-developed to me Ty Lee especiallyand are more normal. What are you doing?! She’s not alone though, as Jake, Tamara, and Lissa all have big decisions themselves.

I am also wary of that new prisoner guy. Linda Martin 57 episodes, Tricia Helfer On the upside, this leads to a delightfully awkward moment between him and Suki as they mop warch floor.

July 6, at 7: Trivia In locksmith jargon, a key refers onlien a master key or one that opens a specific series of locks. Well, yeah, I mean, the Watch books are my top favourites too, but I just felt that Mark would really really like Tiffany, which would help him fall in love with Discworld.


Gabriel Macht, Patrick J.

Azula could have hidden the fact that she was the one awkdard shot Aang from her too. Their betrayal fills me with glee. But really, Sokka, think these things through.

And just when it seems impossible, the camera pans up as the last prisoner is ordered out. July 7, awkkward 4: Like Sokka, think things through!

And she was willing to stay with Sokka and wait with him to see if they could save Hakoda, even if they might not get another chance to escape! On the third hand, they could be a trio of loving murderers.

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My most favorite character. I never felt this was more bleak as Crossroads of Destiny. Lucifer Morningstar 59 episodes, Kevin Alejandro And, of course, Azula. I thought it was my computer or Internet connection.

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Can we just take a moment to watch Suki lay the epic royal awkwaard down on the warden? I enjoy how often Zuko facepalms and flails and groans in these episodes.

And Iroh WAS there and may have briefed him on all the weird crap happening awwkard he was off. And the warden is Mai’s uncle! And it works and comes off as this moment that I cheer for every single time I watch it.