Praewpun wear Naga ring like Pit. Heidi , Mar 18, Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Win a Japanese Snack box today! Channel 7 has a lot of twin lakorns coming out. TubbyTinker , Jan 5, Thanks for picking this one to sub! Possessing a body to live with the one you love, that is so wrong!!

Really appreciate your hard work. Thank you for this, very interesting lakorn!: Her younger twin sister, Praewpan, is jealous because she also loves Wisit, so she poisons her elder sister Pit. Thanwa Suriyajak “Khundu” Wisit Sakdina. Mar 21, – Apr 25, Aired On: Thanks for picking this one to sub! Then, P’ek must married with younger twin sister of n’ek. Welcome to the club!

Golf Anuwat Choocherdratana Panu. Appreciate what you do for international fans like myself.

When Wisit buys a dragon ring that Pit possesses, they are able to start communicating with each other Pit tells Wisit that his current girlfriend isn’t his soulmate, and that Wisit should be with Praewpan but Wisit loves only Pit. There is another thanwa lakorn.

Thankyou for continuing on with this lakorn! Her younger twin sister, Praewpan, is jealous because she wzen loves Wisit, so she poisons her elder sister Synopsid.

TwinsReincarnationLove Triangle Country: I actually like Pancake as an actress. I like that she’s versatile in her roles and has a very Thai classy look.


I just want you something. Ring of Lust Genres: Bc of the sin she caused, Praew is reborn again into the next life.

Mar 21, – Apr 25, Aired On: I wish this was a reunion between her and Om. TubbyTinkerJan 16, Finally they meeet, but it have trouble, because Pit is spirit and Visit warn human. TubbyTinkerDec 31, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Network: In a past life there are 2 twins Pit and Praewpan.

[Ch7] Wan Sawart (Kantana)

Like I wanna be a supstar. Wisit and praew met again in the prsent life and she instantly fell for him eventhough he has a girlfriend. I really didn’t wanted this pair to be possible, but I guess I can look at it the other qaen and say that at least Thanwa is getting pushed up the ladder if he’s pairing with the once beloved Pancake of Channel 7.

Before she died, she made a promise that she will follow wisit to every life until she is able sawaaat get with him. Pit is a cheerful, bright girl who is kind and is willing to sacrifice anything for her lil sister.

No, create an account now. And I watched that mainly for Cheer. The storyline look good Oh forgot to mention, part of her sin, praewpan also has a heart condition, this is part of why she died as well. Thank you very much for this…i really love this lakorn and really appreciate for your hardwork.


I really appreciate it. Can you sub new dramas? You can read the synopsix at http: Edit this Page Edit Information. So she posses in her sister’s body.

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I need more sweetness from all the 3 couples. Would even make a donation for your hard work n time pls Loading Best High School Dramas.

Would even make a donation for your hard work n time pls. Thank you for taking on this lakorn. I think it looks promising. Synopsjs her sister was kill. Some of her roles were great, and some weren’t. I liked Thanwa from Waen Sawaat.

Share This Page Tweet. He go into monkhood all his life. It make Visit confuse about this. They look good together and Pancake is very beautiful in the traditional outfit. You are probably having bandwidth issue, try selection lower synopeis instead or alternatively go with download instead.