This makes the user to manually read through the tweets in order to understand what are primarily saying about the particular topic. Biz Uyguruz, bizde Turk milliyeti, biz bu filimleri cok seviyoruz, polat elemdar bizin Kehrimanimiz! Novel Techniques for Dialectal Arabic Speech describes approaches to improve automatic speech recognition for dialectal Arabic. The results also indicated that flock size and type of breed were the most influential factors relative to other factors, and both show a positive relationship with technical efficiency. Al -Jazeera News dataset. It briefly outlines the characteristics of the third generation reactors compared with that of the first and second ones, evokes the influence of September 11 on design specifications, and evokes the international discussions about the project of fourth-generation reactors and the researches on nuclear fusion. Nine alabaster samples were collected from Wadi El-Nakhil located at the intersection of lat. This research aims at developing a suitability index for the evaluation and prioritization of areas in the UAE for large-scale agriculture.

Kondisi paling baik pada saat pelarutan sampel adalah menggunakan pelarutan a The assessment stage consisted of a community survey and an audit of the health care system, with particular emphasis on chronic disease care. Demands to the British government for supreme jurisdiction over his territory presented by the ruler of Abu Dhabi in created a diplomatic crisis captured in the internal correspondence of the British government. Our analysis revealed that the carrier frequency of selected variants differed widely with significant interethnic differences. However, the contribution of the agricultural sector to the national GDP is negligible. Exploration of the potential employment opportunities in the field of renewable energies in ” Wadi AL -ajal”.

Mnogo je zanimlj iva serija. To verify the geological consistency the 3D forward modelling has been calibrated with the available control points five wells in terms of thickness and facies distribution. Using experiences from childhood, from encounters with contemporary art, from clinical experience, and, most elaborately, from an initial viewing of the Abu Ghraib photos, the author argues that the interpretability of experience depends upon dhbi being legible.

Some strategies were developed for summarizing English micro blogs but Arabic micro blogs summarization is still an active research area. These cases also raise concerns about inadequate medical care for Iraqi detainees. After exposure, all detectors were etched chemically in 6.


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Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz I want see part 7 as soon as possilbe in the next monthI love you so much Necati Also memati and Abdulhey as well. Positive camels were detected at the borders with Saudi Arabia and Oman and in camels’ slaughter houses.

The assemblages in these samples show very low diversity and are almost entirely constituted of small-sized opportunistic species belonging to the genera Ammonia and Elphidium. Wadi El-Assiuti is located east wdi Assiut city and extends in almost northeast direction. Carbonate dhabo was variously dominated by Lithocodium-Baccinella, orbitolinid foraminifera and rudist bivalves depending on local conditions.

Second is qawa’id that having standards in writing. Abu Dhabi is ranked in the industry journals in the top 5 in the world tables of both oil and gas reserves.

As concluded in the above percentages, more concentration was given to geometry in the Arabic version compared to Algebra in the English version.

The top 50 m of Hole GT2A is foliated gabbro whereas the bottom m consists of layered gabbro. Although the current health care system level of usage is adequate for the current population, as the level of usage increases, the government may face a financial burden. In fact, the economic loss caused by the wastewater discharge to the marine environment can be greater than the overall amortized cost to construct an MAR system, including conveyance pipelines and the operational costs of reuse in the rural environment.

The mean fluoride content of tap water samples was 0. Although knowledge of torture and physical and psychological abuse was widespread at both the Guantanamo Bay detention facility and Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, and known to medical personnel, there was no official report before the January Army investigation of military health personnel reporting abuse, degradation or signs of torture.

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We chose to conduct the pilot study in General Medicine as it is the busiest department in the hospital, with an average of patients admitted per month during the study period. This model could simulate steady dhavi unsteady open channel flow.


Comparison of recent and older pellets showed change in diet composition. The majority of the ooid shoal sediments, the coarser sediments of the beach-front and samples collected in dredged channels.

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The Westernization of Arab Pedagogies: The results show Abu Turab Khosravi is a technic-oriented writer and modernist features of delicate relationship with the fiction theme are hidden in narratives requiring to be explored in this context. The Arab intellectuals or Muslims alike, who have received Western education and have decided to live in Western countries in the sbu half of twentieth century, have actually benefited from their modern secular education.

After adjustment in a multiple logistic regression model only age and gender were found to be independently associated with frailty.

Since it’s a trial wells, the challenge was to drill these wells safely, efficiently and of course meeting well objectives. Full Text Available In arid and semiarid climatic conditions ofNorthern Algeriasurface water resources are limited and irregular in time and space. L’algue alimentaire Spirulina sp. The b-value is calculated from a catalog consisting of well-located earthquakes, which were recorded from 1st June to Augustusing the maximum likelihood method.

Bacterial sulphate reduction and the development of alklinity. This work deals with the direct chemical treatment of Wadi Belih uraniferous ore material using the agitation leaching technique. Development of Abu Dhabi ‘s gas resources is aimed at enhancing oil production and recovery, meeting local and export demand and eliminating waste. Text and translation are preceded by an exhau.

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