When Sheldon learns that Penny is thinking about breaking up with Leonard, he tries to intervene. The Big Bang Theory s02e09 a-lesh-a. A brief spat between the four ensues. Leonard and Sheldon hire their favorite childhood star to make an appearance. Back on earth, meanwhile, Raj faces his loneliness, by turning his existence as a third wheel into an art form. Davis, but offends her yet again by offering her a supposed “traditional black handshake”.

How can you be sure? The Next Generation characters, but someone steals Leonard’s car with their clothes and phones. Penny gradually realizes Amy may be right. Chuck Lorre , Bill Prady. Archived from the original on February 4, During the season, Kevin Sussman became a part of the main cast as Stuart Bloom. Penny is caught in the middle when Amy swings her heavy handbag at Bernadette who ducks , accidentally breaking Penny’s nose.

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Later she says she can now cope with her insecurities: Meanwhile, Game Night turns into a battle of the sexes. Retrieved April 22, The girls take Raj out to a nightclub to find him a date.

More Top Movies Trailers. Retrieved August 23, Hawking asks “What do Sheldon and a black hole have in common? He hides his fury and pretends to be cured, but once Amy leaves, he completes each task she interrupted. A date between Raj and Lucy takes both of them out of their comfort zones. Since he doesn’t have a clue about what to get Vanessa for Christmas, When Sheldon tells Amy to leave she is incensed.

They want to find Raj a partner. It is so bad that he rewrites it entirely, showing her in the morning, but she is angry and refuses to accept it, saying she will do all her college work unaided. Howard expects a big celebration upon his return to Earth from Space; however, the excitement is kept to a bare minimum. It led to an interesting When Lucy texts Raj that she is free, he kills his own character to leave the game, and joins her for a date, where she admits she is trying to force herself to do things that scare her.


Back on earth, meanwhile, Raj faces his loneliness, by turning his existence as a third wheel into an art form.

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Archived from the original on December 7, When Sheldon is obligated to take care of a sick Theoy, she finds ways to take advantage of the situation. Main cast [ edit ] Johnny Galecki as Dr. The audience see Sheldon playing with a hacky sack in the room: Raj becomes paranoid when he finds Lucy’s blog.

Het lijkt haar een goed idee om de stoppen te laten doorslaan. Later, after driving Leonard yheory the airport, Penny visits Raj to console him.

Howard is pleased, wishing all versions were true, and returns to Leonard and Penny’s dinner party with everyone else. Retrieved March 25, The Kids Are Alright. Robbie works to remove a butterfly stuck in Cat’s ear. Arthur Jefferies aka Professor Proton, who hosted a children’s science show they loved as kids, does children’s parties. Sheldon surprisingly supports this erroneous theory to prevent colleagues discovering he is not the smartest person in Caltech.

Lucy visits him to apologize for walking out of their date, revealing she is very shy and uncomfortable around people she does not know, but is working on it. Johnny Galecki as Leonard. Mac follows Christine’s advice to tear his to-do list up and relax on his day off which will lead to Mac sharing lunch and memories with a complete stranger Kate Micucci as Lucy.


He finds it odd to do a children’s show for physicists but enjoys performing for Penny, liking her, though he wants to leave when her ignorance of science makes him wonder whatever she and Leonard talk about. The men’s journey to the Bakersfield Comic Con.

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Amy, discovering Leonard has moved out, wants to move in with Sheldon, making him uncomfortable. In the Caltech cafeteria, Leonard discusses his problem with Alex, who flirts with him, unbeknown to him. Archived from the original on April 4, Mayim Bialik as Vig Farrah Fowler.

Archived from the original on March 14, Careful, if you don’t get it all Archived from the original on October 29, However, feeling confident that his father will never hurt him, Chuck makes a deal that could He abandons Santa to be eaten alive by the ogres. Meanwhile, Howard becomes the target of practical jokes on the space station.

Thelry five decide to leave, but stay after observing Kripke flatter Mrs. Bernadette pressures Howard to move out of his mother? Howard and Raj order customized action figures of themselves but receive highly unrealistic models. This comforts him but also draws him to Amy, the only woman in the gang to whom he was not yet attracted.

Maiselseason 1 The Marvelous Mrs. Riccardo LeBron as Tom.

John Ross Bowie as Barry Kripke. Later, she insists she’s fine with where they are going, as they aren’t getting married.