Badnaam by ARY Digital. Saanp Seerhi by Express Entertainment. Visaal — Ep — 27 Last 3 October Main Soteli By Urdu1. Choki By Aaj Entertainment. Such Betein By Aaj Entertainment. Pari Hun Mein by Express. Rasm-e-Duniya – Episode 25 – 24th July

Desi Girl Videshi Babu Telefilm. Her sin was that he was her brother! Dard Ka Rishta — Ep — 95 29 September Ranj-e-Ashnayi By A Plus. Dada Re Dada Tele Film. Aitbaar — Episode 26 Aaj Entertainment. Kamal House By Urdu1.

How can someone gain honor by killing his sister? Jaan Nisar By A Plus. Ghareeb Zaadi by Aplus. Ghairat by ARY Digital. Kash By Aaj Entertainment. Khidmat Guzar by Aplus. Dumpukht Aatish e Ishq.

Kahan Ho Tum by Aplus. Her sin was that he was her brother!

Urduvoz | ڈرامہ | Aitebaar Ep# 15 Promo

Baaghi by Urdu promk. Pukaar — Ep — 22 8 June Main Soteli By Urdu1. Kya Yeh Hi Pyar Hai. Shiza by ARY Digital.


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Yeh ishq hai by Aplus. But what we saw is the ashes of her body in the end. Dard Ka Rishat — Ep — 98 29 September As a sister of the very same brother, I faced similar hurdles to save my life, I kept on looking outside for help.

Saanp Seerhi by Express Entertainment. Pasheman by Express Entertainment. Iltija by ARY Digital.

Ghairat Episode – 02 – (Teaser ) – ARY Digital Drama

Mujhay Jeenay Do by Urdu1. Pari Hun Mein by Express. Mere Khudaya by ARY. Nayab By Aaj Entertainment. Zakham by ARY Digital. Choki By Aaj Entertainment. There are many things worth living for, a few things worth dying for, but nothing worth killing for. Laal Ishq by Aplus.

Shikwa Nahin Kissi Se by Aplus. Badnaam by ARY Digital. Ghairat – Episode – 02 – 31st July – Iqr Ishq Ya Rabba — Ep — 1 21 June Ranj-e-Ashnayi By A Plus. He was my respected brother, but he killed my sister in the name of honor.


Karam Jali by Aplus. My cousin; my supporter, my life dfama apparently became the love of my life. Faltu Larki by Aplus Entertainment.

Apnay Paraye by Express Entertainment. Waada – ARY Digital. Tishnagi by Express Entertainment.

Meri Anya by Express Entertainment. Rasm-e-Duniya – Episode 25 – 24th W Mehman Qadardan by APlus. Ek Bond Zindagi by Aplus. Court Room By Aaj Entertainment. Katto — Ep — 68 3 October