Email required Address never made public. Does a neck biting considered a skinship? But big positive point for Tae Yeon in season 2: Lee Kyung Young did a fantastic job with a character that had an extremely wide spectrum of emotions over the course of the season. Shin Woo Chul Screenwriter: Seeing that there’s no other choice on how to save her, he asks her not to forgive him for what he’s about to do and lunges for her neck. Like our detective Soon Bum, he kinda see Tae Yeon as human also.

I dont know if its a coincidence or what All subtitles will be released first on their site. The man Tae-hyun once worked for, who turned into a serial killer. Lee Kyung Young did a fantastic job with a character that had an extremely wide spectrum of emotions over the course of the season. Live Streaming – KBS. They burst in… and find the killer mid-torture session.

Are you the publisher? I have even epsiode put me through the torture of watching “Can Love Become Money” in the excited expectation of VP2. Soon-bum and his backup team burst into the first location, an office building. A man who cares for nothing else but his daughter. Historical, Medical, Thriller Broadcast date: Download the chi-subbed vids RMVB drmacrazy which are much more smaller in size.

Three special things about new TV series Missing You.

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April 13, Air Time: Seung Mi likes Sun Woo Hwan since childhood because he was strong and warm like her step-dad and they maintained a more than friendship but less than lovers relationship for years. Jo bonds with Ji Ae in multiple adorable scenes, and comes to truly care for her as a father figure. He is also unashamed to show his jealous feelings in front of the girl he likes, which must be Go Dok Mi.


I dont really care about the size as long as I can download and watch. English subs are up, y’all!

And as the others’ hope Always upload to your own file-hosting sites if you want to post photos. A young man arrives at the house, only to be knocked out by Gong.

Review: Vampire Prosecutor 2 | The Fangirl Verdict

Episode 15 – Sometimes love wants to take the long road. I just knew you would recap tonight!

Spring rain – Ji Hye Ivoire September 9, at 9: Be considerate to the uploaders and subbers who are sacrificing their free time and money to sub and upload for us! The video was uploaded to the internet. Not that I liked her, but I did enjoy the sniping between her and Jung-in. A nerdy-looking man is roused from sleep and drives frantically to the bunker, where he finds soldiers knocked out or dead. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

But he still has to work on the follow-through, since his threat to report him falls flat and gets him that slap after all. Now, that is some flirty bantering, if you ask me.

Always remove img tags when quoting posts. There’s a difference in quality with the latter rating higher visually than the former, hence Han releases are bigger in file size.

Review: Vampire Prosecutor 2

The investigation team is in a crisis due to Chief Prosecutor Joo’s orders. He has what it proscutor to be much more successful in life, but he hides his true talent. It is really funny when season 1 came out a while back inI didn’t pay any attention to the show cuz I thought it would just be another boring detective show. She grows up to resemble her mother more and more. A New Kind of Hobby.


Park Ji-young and Lim Seul-ong are closer than ever! I’d probably asking this the whole week, ” Is it Sunday yet?

OMG this month is not looking good as there are just too many kdramas to watch.

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He picks out clues, like the burn mark on the hand from an electrical shock. I think a lot of us would have sleepless night this week just thinking of the preview and waiting for Sunday night Here is seaskn recap of dramabeans for Episode 3 http: Ha, what a smart way to get dramacrazzy exposition on our heroes without being so boring about it.

Ha, I love her balls. Retaliation which is shooting in New Orleans. Losing both her mother and father in a plane crash at a young age, Hena had a lonely upbringing living under the care of her stringent grandfather.

Among those names was Kim Chan, whose father and uncle were tortured and accused of being commies.