Unlike conventional attack builds, attack damage is not necessary on passives or gear, though it can be helpful in situations where the linked spells are less effective. Bandits Bandits Quest Choice Kill all bandits. Minions generally have poor critical strike capabilities, so critical strike supports are not as effective as they are with projectile spells. This section may contain out-of-date information. With Path of Exile: Spells are not triggered at once!

It’s a thing that does stuff. If you do not crit you will not crit until the movement path is completed for that one cyclone action and you start a new action and it checks again to see if it will crit. Best defensive option I think. I linked Vaal cyclone with Cast on crit and discharge. Spoiler Cospri’s Malice Setups: Level 21 Cyclone has a range of 3. Dec 17, , 9:

Vaal Cyclone, Cast on Crit doesn’t crit

Concentrated effect does work decent with Q20 cyclone as it mostly offsets the AoE loss. Life Gain of Hit works amazingly well so long as you’re hitting something, and when you’re desynching you might not actually be gaining life even though it seems on screen like you should be.

Belt Crystal Belt Get as much energy shield as you can. Thats actually a more tanky way to get your leech. Posted by Nithryok on Dec 17, Now PoB displays the correct dps vlaues.

How do you decide crit chance based off one roll on vaal cyclone? Nice movement speed, boss damage and basically no reflected damage anymore Pantheon: The spell that is triggered is determined based on the order in which it is socketedand will cast supported cycloone in sequence, even across multiple attacks.


The only other option is to have casr individual target hit roll it’s own chance to be crit which mean more calculations and more problems.

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You can gain it by: Volren Volren 5 years ago 3 Desync is a problem, but from a pure theory “everything is fine” perspective it’s still very powerful. Gems, Gear, Tree, Movement. During this phase you cannot do anything else but spinning. Keep me logged in on this device. Report Forum Post Report Account: Since “double-dipping” on support gems is key to an effective Cast On Critical Strike setup, having a 5- or 6-link is more important than it is for most builds.

Posted by Klimentiy on Mar 27, And thanks for clearing up the rest aswell, will keep you updated on how I’m doing so others might follow up atleast if you want me to, that is As for the IN – FB interaction, this video should clear it up for others: Vaall perhaps have it written somewhere to let people know. It’s a thing that does stuff. This just does not make any sense.

More movement speed means less attacks. We are using Cyclone which means, we are always moving and never standing still, keep that in mind!

Cast On Critical Strike Support – Official Path of Exile Wiki

The order is as following: Vaal skills, channelling skills, and skills that reserve mana cannot be triggered. Clear speed is still fine, QotF adds just a bit of total mapping speed. So playing wihtout Lycosidae and Rats Nets is pretty difficult i think.



As soon as you think you deal enough damage you can swap out kn the focus mods as you will leech enough damage. In addition to the projectile skills listed before, we have some other good choices:.

Cqst tickle any enemies with armor. Basically VC is a very good Skill to kill bosses. The attack skill we are using to trigger these effects is Cyclone due to its high attack speed and attack range. I’m not sure how you came up with your first idea.

Check out the full list of specials here. At Act 5 my suitability was that much lackluster that I went for Arc Totem which is a bit more defensive. Posted by henroy on Mar 27,9: If there are trigger gems in each equipped item, the order of operation will be:. However, there is one that works well:. These items and skills also have cooldowns which limit how often a skill is cast. View Staff Posts Post Reply. Skill Reveals – Soulrend and Bane Feb 25,8: Last edited by drunkenzeus on Dec 26,4: Dec 17, Shop Buy Packs Microtransactions Specials.

I once put frost bolt in my cospris malice but nothing special happened, but i think it will help clearing.