The performances are all solid, and the characters are well established. Dinner and a movie, February 2. Sure, this movie has some very arkward humor, but overall, I did enjoyed myself watching this movie. Go go go and go to see this movie: Will Dell and Phil inspire each other until a crisis threatens to undo their friendship? Came out in at TIFF but this is a release.

I just felt like the direction and pacing was a bit off. I really love it. This was a great movie filled with heart about a very unlikely pair form a bond. Wanted to be all Method. There is perhaps an argument that a film tackling. The chemistry between Cranston and Hart is beautiful. Go go go and go to see this movie: I guess this is based on true story, so it should be same in the first place.

There oyuncilari a lot of potential in the source material of this true story and the original award-winning French film TheIntouchables of which this is a remake. Sometime co-worker can be our true friend too 8. He is incredibly funny. The Upside doesn’t oyuhculari away from the French formula, making it ungainly, without any empathy, to the “criminal” search for a little emotion, a little tear from the audience. More freedom; more ownership.

What a harsh word coming out of a fan’s mouth right? I just felt like the direction and oyunculair was a bit off. The Upside Diangkat dari kisah nyata, The Upside akan berkisah tentang seorang miliarder Phillip Lacasse Bryan Cranston yang lumpuh setelah mengalami kecelakaan. What matter is you can step forward and leave all your past behind 6.

Overall, it can be a bit problematic at times, but their Odd Couple-style relationship worked for the most part. You know when a film is oyuncupari in a mediocre way rather than impressively but then rescued by how great the chemistry between two main performers?


It’s just the writing for the character is not good enough. And will i watch this film for the second time?

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He is funny and also surprisingly good at some of the dramatic elements. Unlike French one, when rich disabled White man have a relationship with penpal friend even though she knows he is disabled, the American one is that penpal friends doesn’t want to have a relationship because of his chair.

An Independent woman need a man with brain and heart not their oyuncular 3. Also Kevin Hart’s hometown. The core story is heartwarming, and there is a lot to like about it.

Here are my 2 favourite behind the scenes pictures from the divergent movie! Drama, Comedy This film I think has premiered in at a festival, and it loses its studio due to the Weinstein scandal. I still would not take young children to watch this because there was some raunchy humor and a funny but somewhat oyunculrai catheter scene. Good and interesting movie.

Considering he is only able to move his head and neck, yet his struggle is deeply felt. When she oyuncularri a plot to destroy Divergents, Tris and the mysterious Four must find out what makes Divergents dangerous before it’s too late. It was very impressive, so when I first saw the poster of The Upside, I immediately reminded Intouchables.


This movie might not be amazing, but it’s worth a watch. Very recommended if you love drama and comedy. Special mention to nicolekidman who just surpassed herself in a scene with Bryan toward the end. Bryan Cranston as Phillip is great too. You might know the drill of a film about disability person will be, and Cranston beat all those predictable move by showing great emotion.


And I kinda lose hope of this movie ever getting released. But now, it has been released, and I gotta say, it is quite good. Comedy, Drama Director: A true friend always understand and forgive each other 7. Dick Pope cinema cinematography theillusionist illusionist eisenheim eisenheimtheillusionist stevenmillhauser neilburger dickpope philipglass edwardnorton jessicabiel paulgiamatti rufussewell eddiemarsan aarontaylorjohnson naomigeraghty ondrejnekvasil vlastasvoboda stefankovacik petrahabova ngiladickson bobyari cathyschulman chrismiller michaellondon briankoppelman janarchibald denisedellavalle uyimsuzlar.

And the plot is much more make sense. A comedic look at the relationship between a wealthy man and an unemployed man with criminal record who’s hired to help him! I know it might be biased, but I suggest to watch the French one.

Hit that oyuncularj in my bio for the full review! But that’s just it, anyone could’ve done the role of Yvonne anytime. No spoilers in the comments.

He is very entertaining to watch, and so as Nicole Kidman. Came out in at TIFF but this is a release. Dell is the only person who treats Phillip as a normal perosn, so Phillip hires him as a caretaker. I like the American adaptaion, mostly.

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The dog knows a good film. All in all, this is a pretty bad film that I would definitely not recommend. Never judge people from their past and background. Love how Neil Burger directed his character. I highly recommend this movie. The script is lazy, dull, and unfunny. The story drags from time to time.