Her eyes had a frightened, hunted look. With a heavy sigh he said: She rose up, opened a window and looked out The night was peaceful. The nearness of her marriage added to that feeling. She struck Munj hard. Closely following the victorious anny came the vanquish- IHJ r. When Mrinalvati did not come her way that day as usual, Vilas wanted to curtail her meditaticm and satisfy her curiosity.

She began to breathe rapidly and her face grew red with excitement She became intoxicated. How long would ho conti- nue to love her and she him? We do not, like you, cultivate non-attach- ment. Captured kings were usual- ly required to submit to it. Seeing it was Satyashray, he started going down the steps of the temple as if he was returning after making an offering. In one corner, the ruler of Avanti lay, his head resting upon his hand. Closely following the victorious anny came the vanquish- IHJ r.

Will you come with me to meet them?


Her nerves were afire and with every breath the intensity increased. I have hoipught hmois aon. No matter whom the army acknowledged as its leader, no matter who was the ruler of Malva aoldier Telaigana.

She guessed that the parade had come to an end. Like the Goddess Parvati in the disguise of a young Bhil woman, wait- ing to put tlie God Shiva to the test as soon as he woke unjversal from his deep meditation, the girl was alive to every sound and movement.


But her repentance did not last long. He was the worst of sinners, yet that did not take away hss power.

She was made for Munj. An indistinct idea sprang up in her mmd that this man was indeed wonderful and incomparable. Every muscle looked strong and smewy. Never before in all her life had she felt such imeasmcss She was a stranger to loving woids, to the touch ol a man. He is a god. What would the people say? Then pointing to Bhillamraj, he said: He was talking to two or three soldiers, as cheerful as ever.

Should she commit suicide? Vilas recognised him and greeted him in a friendly way.

Munja is cast in a mighty mould. Still my friend Shri H M. There was a dignified look on his face. Have you never seen the King subtigles What a queer notioa! As soon as Mrinalvati saw him.

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Your kingdom is destroyed. My dear poets, these arrows can penetrate where evea the Creator cannot reach. There is pleasure also in being unhappy for the sake of one who has been giving you happiness. The thin new moon and many other things enthrall the mind; but, for my part, when this lady, as beautiful as the moonlight, came before me, I felt as if I wflj participating in the greatest festival of my life.

All Iniversal had heard the full account of the stormy scenes at court that morning at the ceremony Of the washing of the feet Everyone was curious to see how this whole buriness was going to and. It was the sound of someone digging underground.


Why did the garden look so beautifuJ today? What would you gain by listening to such a tale? Sldier desire to see Munj? That makes no difference to me, but what will the world say about you?

Bhillam asked Vilas if she was happy. By the time the sun rose, Mrinalvati had taken her bath, dressed and completed her meditation. You vdll have to rule some day.

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Subtiyles you are alive. So great is his fame that he must indeed be ignorant who has never heard of him. Go back; anoint your- selves. Only one who is impure can be soiled.

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Vilas did not consciously compare the two and she was not evm aware that the comparison was causing her pain; all that she did feel was a vague disturbance in her heart.

MtinaJ, unable to bear the smell, was forced to call unlversal to Ranmal to stop. In this short life one must experience happiness, to be able to thmk of the happiness of others.