The Nation of Domination. Underdogs scored the first elimination when Holly performed a Flying Crossbody on Prichard. Jannetty had dominated the match as he climbed the top rope to perform a high-flying move on Kid, but Kid’s manager Ted DiBiase distracted the referee , allowing Kid’s Million Dollar Corporation teammate Sycho Sid interfere in the match and drop Jannetty to the ring. This caused Michaels and Johnson to attack Bulldog. He fought with Diesel for several minutes, but Diesel then performed the Jackknife powerbomb on him and prepared to pin him for the victory. Undertaker is possible, the powers that be have hired Leslie Nielson. He claimed that he had never truly been beaten for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship on December 26, , as the match ended when his manager , Arnold Skaaland, threw a towel into the ring rather than allowing Backlund to submit to The Iron Sheik ‘s camel clutch. Norris was a big name, and bought some credibility to the contest even if his involvement was very limited.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. With Cornette, Fuji and Bearer on the outside, plus the casket stipulation that meant that the match rarely fell flat even when the in-ring action was quite slow. In the blue corner, we have the Undertaker. Aspects of it would arise again over the years, such as Undertaker being killed repeatedly as well as a brief Kane vs. He then rolled his opponent in to the casket and closed the lid to gain the victory. The Bret Hart vs. WWE in the Raging 80s. Diesel defended the title against Bret Hart.

19995 poster featuring The Undertaker. The tension arose between the two teams as heroes and villains were randomly distributed in both teams and the match was dubbed as a “Wildcard” match. Royal Rumble TV Special Articles with short description Good articles. Undertaker controlled most of the match as he dominated Royals and made the first elimination by pinning Lawler after a Reverse Belly to Belly Piledriverwhich he calls Tombstone Piledriver.


Diesel became angry at Michaels, particularly because the same mistake had cost Diesel the Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam.

During an elimination match, Yokozuna was unable to injure The Undertaker, despite slamming The Undertaker’s head into the ring steps and performing the Banzai drop on him. Views Read Edit View history.

The Bret Hart vs. Missed in all of this was Chuck Norris. Here, IRS puts him in a sleeper hold and knocks him out for a good two minutes.

This angered Diesel and he argued with Hart, resulting in the two brawling with each other. Two main event matches were held; in the first, Bob Backlund won the WWF World Heavyweight Championship from Bret Hart in a submission match after Bret’s brother Owen convinced their mother to throw in a towel to end the match. As a result, Diesel was disqualified and thus retained the title.

Survivor Series (1994)

Although Undertaker is able to get his second wind thanks to Paul Bearer commanding him with the power of the urn, he keeps getting beaten back down by the superior numbers. I am a big fan— even though I stopped commenting a while ago I The Disciples of Apocalypse. That being said, at least the pacing of the matches and their positioning was better than the previous PPVs.

After a while, we get an update from Paul Bearer. Matches for this pay per view included the classic Intercontinental I think this is because the WWE chose to consolidate all the good talents in those latter two undeertaker and sort of punt on the first two.

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Use the HTML below. Mankind, Bret Hart vs.

Archived from the original on December 15, As a result, Helmsley climbed the apron. Steve Austin, Steel Cage Match: Yokozuna was the example of many in wrestling that once you get over, you generally stay over. Owen entered the ring and clotheslined Bret from behind, causing him to break the hold, and exited the ring. In amongst the chaos was Jeff Jarrett, of sreies people, running down the aisle way.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Retrieved 21 March Sad to see the blog is closing, guys. Diesel and Shawn Michaels’ second reign”. As he left the ring, he was chased to the ring by Godwinn, who came out to the ring with his slop bucket.


He… sort of does his job?

Fuji come out to cut a promo about how dominant Yokozuna has been as champion. Yes, Naked Gun star Leslie Nielsen. Pinfall with a Small Package. As a monster undertakdr, he was once pushed to the heavens in one segment where he both manhandled the Ultimate Warrior and shrugged it off when Hulk Hogan slammed a belt into his face.

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Helmsley had to compete against Undertaker but he opted to escape the match. Learn more More Like This. Undertaker delivering for Dominos, everybody. Undertaker eliminated Yankem next in the same way by performing a Tombstone Piledriver. Sid retaliated by performing a Powerbomb on Michaels.

Archived from the original on Hart won the match by using the crossface chickenwing to make Backlund concede defeat. Several departures took place after Survivor Series.

It bought out the best in Yokozuna — his incredible facial expressions and added a real layer to the match. Michaels tried to hit the move but Ramon ducked and Sid was hit instead, allowing Ramon to pin Sid for the elimination.

They faced each other on Monday Night Rawand Ramon won the match and was awarded the title. An extremely large Samoan depicting a Japanese sumo wrestler, he also became a huge deal immediately. In a scummy business, Moody was considered like the Tom Hanks. We now have over hours of shows online! Blog – A written look at wrestling from twenty years ago.