A client requested us to come in and work today which in itself is a bit of a nuisance but just happens sometimes but I’ve been here all day for nothing because no work at all came in! Many associate Nuremberg with ‘Christkindlesmarkt’ or ugly parades and trials from the past, but it’s more than that, much more. Comment Perfect, so as soon as we both will have survived Fasching, we should meet and tell each other how much we have suffered! Sorry, I’ll give up Irgendwie kommen sie in diesem englischen Ausdruck zu kurz. The uploaded ones aren’t that tasty I have to confess.:

Treatise, disquisition – meinst du so etwas? Can you ever say “Keine Idee” in the “I have no clue” sense? Wild horses couldn’t keep you away. Have you read “Teacher Man”? I am getting hungry But no opportunities in recent years.

It sure would be more fun to read a book you like.

I always thought highlights is ‘Glanzlichter’? Amy-MiMi My feeling says: Comment Snails, thank you for your book tips. This group studied German, as opposed to French, literature. A book I liked reading was the new biography from Sean Connery.

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Alles auf eine Karte Drama Jetzt auf iTunes kaufen 7. Have a great weekend everybody! Hi Crockie, wir kennen uns noch nicht, glaube ich. Unless I want to go sliding I think I can forget about that Comment goldammer – eigentlich ja – Comment A quick ‘hi Goldammer, hi neutrino’ from cookie Hoffentlich stimmt das nicht. New friends of mine recently acquired because of my ascension to the best-seller lists had published books in their twenties. Good night, the kat!


Those Slinn Djong haters got me all worked up But I’ll have to wait untill it comes out in German. We discovered the area because there are a few dolines which are one of the coldest spots in Germany Doline Weidenwang – if you google it, you’ll find some information about the area. Have a nice evening, snails! Comment Hi Amy-MiMi, yes, it is a little more emphasized that there is not a single west product. Almost worse than dipterous perforations. Aber du musst nichts sagen.

Produced and consumed something for supper as well. Let’s wait kostwnlos see what will happen. But I see what I can do. Time for lunch, then I will rather keep working a little bit, I think. Comment seconding SD3 Just quit smoking, candice, throw the last package away and tell everbody to offer you no cigarettes anymore, even if you are begging on your knees. You all have a great day.

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Read the book after I saw the film the first time, very long ago. O my God I am sooo excited. Even remember where I saw it, in a rather small theatre in downtown Philadelphia first stay in the U. I want to use it for travelling that’s why the weight was a crucial point.


But sooner or later that might become another anglicism. Unbroken Drama Jetzt auf iTunes kaufen Comment certainly sounds better than beer Comment Guten Morgen allerseits!! Comment Today we went for a walk on the Alb again.

Ich habe da jetzt mal ne Frage You wouldn’t replace it turbschnecke “Ahnung”, would you?

WOW, we’re getting near to the anniversary shell! Guck dir die Zeit an! And I liked that film, Lost in Translation. Ohne Editierfunktion auskommen muss. Hi cookie, Lore und Goldammer Hi Amy-MiMi, yes, it is a little more emphasized that there is not a single west product.

Here the weather is invidiously horrid. Ich kenne keine Kommaregel, die sich speziell auf as opposed to bezieht.

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When will this goddamned winter finally end? Did I miss anything in the previous thread? Comment Oh, that was my impression, too, of the first chapters of “Name der Rose”: Would you possibly be available to do me a little favour?