Bhushan then tells everyone that Shreya too has been working against the family. Will Shaina be able to get Sanjana released from the jail? On the other hand, Shreya, who has lied to Bhushan about her pregnancy, hesitates to go along with him for her checkup. Shaina then pulls out a wedding card and places it into Sanjana’s hand, claiming that tomorrow is her and Ajay’s wedding. Later, Sanjana too applies ointment to Ajay. While he is about to leave, Sanjana stops him and blackmails him with his affair with another married woman.

As Shaina is just about to leave the room, Sanjana shows up but is unable to spot Shaina, who hides behind the door. If you want to achieve greatness, You must learn to fight alone. Meanwhile, Shreya finds some papayas on the table and stealthily eats few pieces of it. Promise yourself, You’ll never give up. Mishri then shows up before the boy, who is willing to marry her. While Sanjana is away from her stove, Shaina pushes her pot off the stove. Later, Ajay accepts that he has decided to divorce Sanjana and marry Shaina. Meanwhile, Shaina visits Ajay’s room and finds him asleep.

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Gulaal [Episode 129] – 17th May 2011 Part1

Shaina has a plan up her sleeve, where she decides to spoil the Biryani prepared by Sanjana. Shaina clams that she is able to see the footwear of the three people but unable to see their faces properly.

Shaina narrates what she sees in the fpisode ball which makes Sanjana break out into a sweat. Ajay is left emotionally broken as he watches his wife tumhii ill-treated by the police officials.

Stay tuned to know more. Will the boy agree to marry Mishri even after knowing she cannot bear a child? She tells Mishri that Anuj would come back for her. How and where to download from. Ajay asks Shaina to reveal on whose orders she is doing all this.


Latrst then narrates the story to Sanjana as to how Ajju married her. Watch the entire episode as Mishri’s wedding celebration turns into a horror show.

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Later, Ajay accepts that he has decided to divorce Sanjana and marry Shaina. The story revolves around the Pethewalas, a traditional-yet-modern joint family from Agra. An argument breaks out between Sanjana and Shaina which is then solved by Elaichi. If you want to achieve greatness, You must learn to fight alone. Will Ajay and Bhushan be able to latrst Sanjana out?

Shaina and Shreya are shocked to 192 him and Sanjana grabs a revolver. On the other hand, Ajay gets drunk as the powder starts showing its effect.

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Witnessing the scene, Bhushan gets suspicious. How and where to download from. Nani finds Shaina in the kitchen preparing food for the family. Shaina checks the footwear of the members of the Pethewala family.

Shaina confesses that she was doing all this on Shreya’s orders. Sanjana meets Mishri and asks her not to lose her courage. Mishri is not ready to listen to anything from Sanjana and asks her not to talk in Anuj’s favour.


Meanwhile, Bhushan plans to get a doctor to collect Shreya’s blood sample for a pregnancy test. Shaina replies to Shreya that if the former’s real face would be revealed, then the latter’s will also be disclosed.

Trilok and Elaichi question Ajay as to what these papers mean. What does Shreya have to say now? When she picks up the phone, Shreya grabs it from her. She adds on that, Shreya is not blind. On the other hand, Bhushan spots a number of missed calls on Shreya’s phone and gets suspicious. Sanjana is accused to have killed Ajju and has been arrested. Sanjana claims that tomorrow is Karva Chauth and she would get her husband back. Will this behavior of Shreya give rise to a doubt in Bhushan’s mind?

Those who are heartless once cared too much.

Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi

Bhushan tells the inspector that that Sanjana has been arrested on wrong charges. On the other hand, Ajju enters Mishri’s room and sets a trap for her. Bhushan meets his family along with a masked man who is revealed to be Ajju. In the process, both of them burn their hands. Shaina says that even Shreya was involved and Shreya slaps Shaina who in turn is slapped by Bhushan.