Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. It’s just like before the reset where he knew she held secrets and seemed crazy but he could never suspect her as a person of being nefarious. I thought it was contradictory given the bike scene where Ron told Myolie he liked the way she was…. Login or Register before you can reply to YQ. Jayden is a suave and charming playboy — yeah okay, we know that already. Outside of PPP, they hardly spent any meaningful time together to get to know each other not just on crazy, wild dates that gives them both a temporary rush of high for him to still be so hung up over Holiday. If my memory serves me right, Coco did mention Belle and how devastated she was after her husband died.

KC, YJ and new face! Then 5 seconds later drinking it with her. Login or Register before you can reply to jericha. Mail will not be published required. However, TVB wants to attract more audience favouring their idols to watch their drama series by casting at least 2 lead actors and 2 lead actresses. And was it just me, or did anyone else find the 2 hour finale boring as hell?

Triumph In the Skies – Episode 11 (Cantonese)

He even introduced introduced Sam as his love rival to an old flame! Empress Ki Episode We all know the affairs that goes on up in the air, heck there is even a website dedicated to it where anonymous pilots, flight attendants and passengers write about their experience lol.

The sequel probably got the highest rating in because the rest of the drama series were goodddrama. I knew it’s bound to happen but I was not expecting it to happen in this episode and in this way.


See More See More. TITS 2 is pretty much a super-long travelogue scattered with many superficial love stories and cardboard cut-out characters, to justify its length. Thanks, Miriamfanz for a fine review, skirs and to the point without too much and longwinded analysis and criticisms re every character and scene.

Sweet moments are the ones that drags viewers more attention….

I guess for me, the ADHD helps when there’s information overload, huh. Kestrel August 25, at 9: So he desperately wants to do better.

All-in-all I am happiest when they are together. Am I the only one that notice he mumbles and blurs out his lines like he is about to forget them all the time.

That other people had the power of creation and destruction over not only him but his entire world. Kang Chul admits to not knowing how to do real romance and so approaches it in the way he knows has produced the best results for him study!

Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. They check the flight tracker and find the plane is still at the same level.

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I wonder if this series will be like that?? Yes, I agree that there really is no dilemma for her either she loves one and there is no need to choose or she loves neither if she has to dither over her decision. But he ended up with Zoe. That’s why he’s slowly fading away. September 10, at 3: Count me in for the “hoodie wrath” in case they dare to finish this in a way that does skiew imply Yeon Yoo and Chul having a gooddgama ending together.


So in my conclusion, Sam is the only person Holiday loves from the beginning till the end. And he saw what she did for him.

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He’s showing those symptoms because the fhe is drifting away from him. I was a bit suspicious but I brushed them off. Hold on Guys 5 more episodes Fala would be quite a decent Summer I would say. Triumph In The Skies 2 – Episode Kenneth did quite well as a silly and immature guy interacting with Elena, though I did not think highly of their relationship.

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August 7, at 4: Thou shall not let good beer go to waste. Tianzi August 28, at The problem is the character Holiday.

I was thinking the same all the time. Is he also Jason Bourne?

In my humble opinion, it’s better to leave people with such opinions alone. I think it’s telling that at this moment, his thought was not of his world or his friends, but of YJ. Sharon Au, Joe Chan Genre: