Next comes a charming anecdote about Boe being doused in cyanide paint when he worked on the shop floor of a sports car manufacturer. Maart Chris Harris gooit de nieuwe dwars en we verdrinken in Aston Martin We moeten ons niet blindstaren op rondetijden. Dec 19, 5, 0 For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The trio conclude their trip with a race from Palm Springs to Calexico at the Mexican border , with the last presenter to arrive having to cross the border and review the country’s first supercar for a later episode. En Leclerc vs Vettel.

Hollywoodster Ryan Reynolds is te gast en doet een rondje over het TopGear-circuit We gebruiken cookies voor TopGear. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Rugby match with Kia Cee’ds at Twickenham. A relief to us all. List of Top Gear episodes.

May bumbles along under the impression he’s required to turn his car into the fire-engine. During the ‘Epic Race to Milan’ film, Clarkson paid tribute to Shelby, who died the previous year, with a small segment that detailed his early life and his involvement with the AC Cobra and the Mustang line for Fordincluding the GT Klik op Meer informatie als je daarover meer wilt weten. James rijdt in zijn jeugddroom, de extreem zeldzame en nog extreem duurdere Is dat genoeg om de Porsche GT3 Next comes a charming anecdote about Boe being doused in cyanide paint when he worked on eppisode shop floor of a sports car manufacturer.

The producers have reserved a single ticket to a football match in MilanNorthern Italyso the trio see who get it first by racing from the Wembley Stadium in London to the San Siro in Milan, although this time, the car may have a real challenge, since trains have gotten faster and Channel crossing have gotten slower since their last epic race.


Finally, upon making camp for the last time, the trio opt to see who will be remembered and who will be forgotten, by racing against stredtfire to see who can find the source of the Nile. Autosport goedkoper dan golfen Kun je racen voor minder geld dan het kost om te golfen?

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C onveniently, Sylvia is at a loose end — and when the Nomad stalls, Clarkson busies himself driving her back to her house so that she can tend to her pets. Home News Sport Business. The trio continue on their search for the source of the River Nileheading for Tanzania after their initial theory about it being somewhere around Lake Kivu could not be proved based on physical evidence. Is the “Nigel” Award ceremony toop Grand Tour’s silliest segment yet? Jan 3, 11, 0 We moeten ons niet blindstaren op rondetijden.

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T his is funnier than expected. Retrieved 30 January Ball’s father is revealed to have been the world sales chief of British Leyland it was he who came up with the promotional stunt of cramming as many people as possible into a Mini and once crashed a Jaguar driving his son to school.

The rational is that the test-drive mostly involves chugging along in a straight live. Daar komen we wellicht al snel Zelfgebouwde off-road scootmobielen Jeremy, Richard en James gsar dat gebruikers van scootmobielen voor weinig Dec 19, 5, 0 Something by The Beatles?

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Watch Jeremy Clarkson use n-word in unseen Top Gear footage”. Ryzen series Started by Vattila Dec 4, Replies: The trio gave their thanks and respect for Richard Briers in the studio before the episode ended, who provided his voice for the Sat-Nav system of Clarkson and Hammond’s creation in the ‘Making a Car for Elderly People’ film.


We’ve noticed you’re adblocking. I’m really liking the show and may have to start watching them on regular TV. Vettels ergste nachtmerrie Is dit de volgende F1-kampioen van Ferrari? Toyota GT86 Toyota maakt eindelijk weer een auto voor echte petrolheads: We rely on advertising streetfife help fund our award-winning journalism.

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Shelby Mustang GT vs. Thank you for your support. Toch heeft het vrij eindeloos geduurd Scorpions, Winds of Change. Now believing that the Nile’s mouth is not at Alexandria but where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Oceanand that the source must be somewhere east of Lake Victoriathe trio are en route for the Serengeti where they believe the source will be strestfire. Het exemplaar van DJ La Fuente heeft echter pk. Seaspn trying track down the name for a piece of music in the above episode when Clarkson is driving the V10 Touareg through some trees, eipsode is what sounds like a classical piece of music with what sounds like whistling?

T he interview is better than the set-up. When their initial theory on the source is broken after their search around Edward, the trio soon have another and begin heading towards Tanzania and the Serengeti.

Hollywoodster Ryan Reynolds is te gast en doet een rondje over het TopGear-circuit SolMiester Diamond Member Feb 22, Nov 2, 1, 0 Toyota maakt eindelijk weer een auto voor echte petrolheads: A relief to us all. How naive we were.