But at the same time, I feel like it might lead to a rushed wrapping up of things, which is one of my least favorite things in a drama.. This one was so boring. Your email address will not be published. It’s not too too original, but here goes: I just wish JH was worth all the love, but she’s written in such a wishy washy way that I just don’t get why all the men are crazy about her. Seems like a waste. And I’m not complaining about the abs either.

I’m sure Sulli herself is quite fit as dancers generally have a good core and she does a lot of dancing with her little singing group. I’m not the only one thinking that this drama would have been over if Taejoon ne to Canada and Jaehee went back to America. I have enjoyed how he has been able to alter his face whenever Tae Joon goes through a change of emotion in a scene That scene when he was when excited to have dinner with Jae Hee. Then her eyes notice the fallen picture of the man on the floor. This drama has made me blush so much I am so glad that I have a dark complexion so people in the varsity PC labs don’t notice me going red looking at my monitor! Okay, I’m sorry, I’ll stop now. Just love the scenes with Eun Gyul, especially his facial expressions and his angst. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

I understand that he has the image of a rapper more but seriously, I love his singing voice a lot more. It appears that Hyunjae was one of Taejoon’s dramaceazy until Taejoon gave up high jumping.

There’s no question about it. Just because the writers didn’t write her character well, she doesn’t get all the attention that minho and other actors got.

She has those sad, deadfish eyes that make her look episide and boring all the time. Whatever — you missed your chance, buddy. I was at the concert last year, and I can’t remember Minho at all, lol. Kim Ian Supporting Cast. Jae-hee pulls back and Tae-joon can barely stutter a response when she asks if the chocolate he ate earlier had any alcohol.


To the Beautiful You

Yeah, I agree with La dee dah. After this episode I did beautifful two very distinct reactions: As far as the EXO boys The trio explores the house and smiles at a portrait. Eun-gyul slaps on a smile but then flip-flops between scratching his head and revving himself up.

Still the best part of all this is Eungul and Hyunjae.

Why Tae-joon doesn’t try to find a way to train in the States? You sure are popular lately, Jae-hee. EG and Sungri are forever cute. JoAnne once again speaking for me.

Eun-gyul continues to be the heart of this show, and I love his every scene. Coach Baek resorts to drinking straight from the cup but it tips over, spilling hot coffee onto his pants. She really really can’t act. I am really, really sad. Ji Soo Supporting Cast. They were so casually talking about serious issues, and Hyun Jae never made a big deal about it. Episode 6 by Helcat.

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Why am I not surprised? Eun-gyul, favorite character in this version. For me, I had a problem with the point made about sug doctor.

I couldn’t have said it better myself: Lol that would certainly be a kdrama twist. The front of his pants are wet, but I’m not complaining. Jae-hee puts a hand to her flushed cheeks, recalling the charged moment in practice.

I’m shallow; I like the cute. While drying himself with a towel, Jae-hee notices his ripped pants. Why, why oh why? Unsurprisingly, Tae-joon has no intention to go to the hospital after he hears Dad has collapsed. You know how bad it is? I see that most of the noonas have fallen so hard for Minho that they have somehow turn into a Shawol.


Thank you and well-said I want to enjoy the recap but the hate and poking fun just got me little and little and make me wonder that if we watch the same drama He finds out Taejoon knows. Thanks for the very funny recap. Because its kinda light drama, who can make me laugh, smile and feel the cuteness in every single character. She basically has no personality, and was a depressed little nut until she met Taejoon; so now everything in her life is about him.

I am curious to see her tackle more complex roles, because for a rookie she acquitted herself well in HK3, despite how poorly written and undeveloped her character was. When Tae-joon asks about last night, he says that it was nothing. She freaks out at the bugs and Tae-joon shoos them away for her. Just been along for the ride at Genie High and enjoying it for this drama.

This drama IS being sold short for dumb stuff like that. I thought this episode were suppose to get better, since last week was so good.

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She might not get it right away, so pinch her cheeks if you have to. I don’t understand why they don’t use his voice for singing.

Adoredddd this episode, and so sad it’s nearing its end. She notices them but her comments are more of the observant rather than the sexy compliment kind. She slowly slides out of it and he laughs awkwardly that he can deliver her milk every day, like A Dog of Florence.