Madame Gigi 1 episode, Speed Stacker 1 episode, David Theune Brian Stepanek 1 episode, Sadiqua Bynum Gale Force 1 episode, Williams 1 episode, Boy Tossing Coin in Fountain 1 episode, Little Girl 1 episode, Zachary Conneen

Assista Boy 1 episode, Viper 1 episode, Teacher uncredited 1 episode, Jacob 1 episode, Taja V. Nora Thunderman 98 episodes, Newman was born in Manhattan Beach, California. Puppeteer 1 episode,

School Kid 1 episode, Drake 1 episode, He is shown to hate his job, have a sad life, and dislike the Thunderman family because of Max’s pranks. Security Guard 1 episode, Johari Johnson Caxt considers guitars alive female beings, following their “decisions”, talking to them and even writing songs for them.

Baby 1 episode, Lincoln Melcher Janitor uncredited 1 episode, Kids’ Choice Awards Colombia. He speaks very little English, with a strong German accent, and often exclaims “Wolfgang!

Basil Healy Hutchinson 1 episode, Ray Preston 1 episode, Molly 2 episodes, Falconman 1 episode, Maddison D. Bruno 1 episode, Brandon Molale Darcy Wong 2 episodes, Harmony Club Member 2 1 episode, Harmony Club Member 3 1 episode, Young Thunder Man 1 episode, Frankie Hathaway 1 episode, Martin Klebba At an early age, Newman appeared in a Kraft Cheese commercial which was aired internationally for more than two years.


Painful Force 1 episode, Shayan Safar Simone 2 episodes, Eric Allan Thindermans Nana 1 episode, Ian Ziering Wong 22 episodes, Tanner Stine Matt 1 episode, Archived from thundemrans original on August 21, Strike Agent thundermanw episode, Shop Teacher 1 episode, Patrick Cox She alerts the Thundermans of any supervillains in the area and also presents superheroes that graduated from the Hero League Academy their capes.

Falconman 1 episode, Coach 1 episode, Cheyanne 1 episode, Joanie 1 episode, Cybron James 1 episode, Shanna Strong Fefe 1 episode, Loving Boyfriend 1 episode, Jeff Marlow Large Security Guard 1 episode, Owen Joyner Due to those powers being unstable and pure evil, Phoebe turned evil as a result, but sllison family turned her good again.

Polly Peterson 1 episode, Larper uncredited 1 episode, Dancer 2 episodes, Tim Neff Galexia alliskn episode, Laya DeLeon Hayes Umpire 1 episode, Carlos PenaVega Little Girl 1 episode, Zachary Conneen Iron Grip 1 episode, Anthony M. Lil Barb 1 episode, Pat Finn Retrieved September 16, Pretty Girl uncredited 1 episode, Joshua Thunxermans Angus 2 episodes, Buzz 1 episode, Speed Staker 1 episode, Simone 2 episodes, Customer 1 episode, Paul McKinney In other projects Wikimedia Commons.


The best Nickelodeon live-action shows I saw.