Konchalovsky clearly remembers Tarkovsky’s argument:. Bakhmetyeva , Andrey Konchalovskiy , Andrei Tarkovsky. How To Train Your Dragon: Perhaps Tarkovskly’s most accessible film, ” The Steamroller and the Violin ” has touches of brilliance and distinctive shot development found every few minutes. The dialogue is in Russian with clear yellow, non-removable English subtitles. Facets Video Theatrical Release Date:

It is quite evident that the year old Tarkovsky was a principled, audacious young man, never willing to budge if there was a risk of compromising his vision. Time Out Top Critic. Tarkovsky was already here formulating themes, methods, and ideas to which he adhered for the rest of his career. The demolition sequence carries with it a sense of celebration of the new and its triumph over the old. It took them six months to complete the script. It is not the actors that are important, but the idea and the approach.

Best Blu-ray Movie Deals. Andrei Tarkovsky Director Format: The biography is somewhat difficult to read but has many points of interest such as this reference that “the minute film helped the young director complete his program of film studies with honors”.

The Steamroller And The Violin (1961)

Jul 30, Rating: A new city, a city of light and reflections. Select category Add custom category Go.

The dominant color for Katok i Skripka was red mixed with yellow and compared to blue in the sky above and in the clothing of two main characters, the young boy playing violin and the grown up man, the driver of a steamroller, who had became his friend, even if for a short time. It was at first somewhat puzzling to us why he would insert this monstrosity into the movie.

It is a true gem, now finally presented in a decent format DVDand should not be missed.


This article may not be reproduced without the express permission of the Authors. Tarkovsky, at 28, was striving for his own Truth and his own Language, The most glaring defects are scratches and very unsightly reel change markers — but these become less distracting as the movie progresses — as well as a DVD cover image showing poor Igor Fomchenko holding the bow with his left hand.

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The scene where old house is being tbe, and a new tall building is emerging from the ruins and dust, reminding an image of an old Russian house in the midst of the Italian architectural landscape in “Nostalgia. Apr 2, Full Review….

You will get a notification at the top of the site as soon as the current price equals or falls below your price. Jul 2, Rating: I’d say that the first Tarkovsky’s work is perhaps his most accessible, light, sweet, and warm – the terms we don’t usually associate with the master of serious metaphysical, deeply philosophical, even cosmic films that lack conventional dramatic structure. This may only be a problem for those of you who understand Russian and have no need for the subtitles.

Alex roy Super Reviewer. Ralph Breaks the Internet 4K. The video transfer bit rate is variable and fairly high, peaking at about 8. While still virtually unknown, he thus behaved exactly as he was to behave throughout the rest of his life, uncompromising and at times rather undiplomatic, always defending his views of the cinema to anybody willing to listen.

While this film does have the reflective nature of his other films it is only 45 minutes long and moves along rather quickly.


The Steamroller and the Violin

This has immediate parallel with Sasha going to a violin examination. The First Avenger 4K. Don’t have an account? Compression artifacts are as good as non-existent, with no blocking effects evident in dark regions of the image.

Though Tarkovsky was wet behind the ears at the time, you can already see evidence of his genius and his obsession with mirrors and reflections. Life of Pi Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Sound on the low end is almost nonexistent and the overall range is rather flat, as would be expected from an over 40 years old movie. It may perhaps be explained by the fact that it was indeed a last-minute replacement – he may have been forced to improvise and compromise very quickly Perhaps the most wonderful aspect of The Steamroller and the Violin is the exciting feeling of a genius on the brink of realizing his full potential.

Interestingly, the new building which emerges in the demolition scene is a prime example of the awful socialist-realist architecture that Andrei absolutely loathed.

Blu-ray bundles with The Steamroller and the Violin 1 bundle. Then, there is the parallel between Tarkovsky’s opinions on Soviet film institutions and the examiner in this movie who all but brings young Sasha’s attempt at playing to a standstill; she even sends him away with a rather rueful evaluation that he has “too much imagination”!

There is the final unforgettable dream sequence, strikingly Tarkovskian in its vioolin.