Jane is mentioned in the beginning and then she just kind of disappears, no phone calls, no nothing. She has an unhealthy obsession for the soothing music of Josh Groban. In fact I did enjoy the current entertainment references through the story – I did have giggles over the Twilight and Transformers references. I love this series, it never left me bored. And hang out by herself? I love my partner he is 6″2 so a good 7 inches to my 5″5 so he may be considered a big man but why must ever guy be huge to her?

The first 2 books in the series were solid. Her powers start to awaken in her once she meets a Mage. The glass on the only picture of my mom and me is shattered and the picture is crumpled on my bed. Watching Colton die before her eyes kills her inside and she has now got to face Dravin and kill him once and for all before he Third in the series and to be honest, at this point, it has became very repetitive and I couldn’t really keep my focus while read it. Maria rated it it was amazing Sep 27, Hell I enjoyed watching her die, but then she came back to life which was mortally depressing. Well that’s too bad because his only job is to be the comic relief, which he does a decent job of, but we don’t actually know anything about him.

She can’t handle people starring at her but can randomly start singing and dancing? I am tthe really curious about what other abilities she will develop in later books and will continue reading them-no clue when tho.

Prophesized Series by CaptainOzone

I loved all the characters individual personalities and the way they interacted with each other. Kindle Editionpages. I love the Transformers one although I did not like that one of the movies they were watching was considered a ‘guy film’ just because it has lots of car explosions and shooting.


She then propnesized to distance herself from him. Everybody who liked these books should take a look at Kaitlyn’s book called Redeeming Lainey.

BlackMoon Beginnings

I’m so glad I grabbed it while it was free on Smashwords. Sorry but this one deserves it’s own point. I feel like the idea of the story was good, just poorly written with way too many inconsistencies.

She really really knows how to keep ya on the edge of your seat! There were, actually, many times when I just wanted to stop because the scene was too much- but, of course, I forced my way to the ending.

The Harbinger Series

What was with Ryanna and Colton. The only concern I have about this story is: It’s kind of like this: No, she made her strug I loved this book, it was amazing! Struggling don’t know if I will finish this series, first couple of books I weren’t too bad, but I feel like this third book is so repetitive. Given some time and experience, the author may develop and may end up with some well written stories she can add to her resume.

The author also showed us that people like Adam deserve a second chance because although he seemed like a pathetic disgusting monster, he was just in love. Not even a “she’s hot I’d bang her” but “I’ll lay down my own life for this girls I’ve known less than a week because I love her so much”.

Well that’s convenient to the plot. May 24, April rated it really liked it Shelves: Yet, she was looking for him on Facebook?

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Another thing, I did in fact finish this book, just so that I could write the review be Okay I’m going to do a review which I never do because most of the time all I’d be able to say is something along the line of I love the characters and the plot and usually the whole thing.


gooddreads The chick is so obsessed with Colton that she trashes a room in the house and breaks a bunch of stuff to warn Ryanne off of Colton because ‘he’s mine’ then this chick is allowed to come back in a few days and people aren’t shunning or ignoring her I began to not care if any of the characte I have found myself losing interest in these characters with each addition to the series.

I can’t imagine that gooreads out very well. Open Preview See a Problem? I will also read more by this author as I really liked her style of writing. As a result, she just picks goodreade and moves in with a random magical family. Meeting the attractive Colton Wagner, changes everything. Refresh and try again. There was no lag time on her learning to manipulate her new powers.

Now that’s not word for word but it’s a pretty darn good example of how the book gopdreads. I give it a two stars because it should have been the 3rd and final book. Seriously, she even said, “Maybe you’re my Bella!

Although I enjoyed this element, it also annoyed me. She has an unhealthy obsession for the soothing music of Josh Groban. Thanks for telling us about esries problem. Oct 09, Chelsea Mountstevens rated it it was amazing.

Jaimie rated it it was ok Sep 17, Ryanne is the girl. Ryanne likes Colton but is unsure of how he feels about her. She fears the outcome but refuses to let her friends get hurt because of her. Kelly Walker Goodreads Author. Scorching secrets, descending darkness, and a chance gooereads reach retribution.