Episode 3 by Regals. And yes, we have confirmation that the guards were sent off on purpose. On their way back, Jeong keeps a written copy of their plans, intending to cheer up Princess KH. His life is in danger. Dara October 6, at 8: Anonymous 3 October at He betrays Seung-yoo because thats easier than betraying his father and his family and Suyang, who can give his family a LOT.

Very irritated now Listen to me carefully. I don’t expect many happy tears, and as much as I’ve tried to brace myself, I think it’ll break me. I have a bad feeling about this…every time this couple is happy, something bad is sure to happen…. The music is just awesome. Notify me of new comments via email. Btw, good news peeps! Myeon learns about the gauntlet thrown down by the rebels but hesitates to attack the woods because they are at a disadvantage because of their unfamiliarity with the geography of the woods.

I actually cried while reading this recap. But it seems their job is not done yet as Park reminds them there is still one more person to take care of before they can claim the place as theirs.

Anonymous 24 September at Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. YES Bimmy I agree!!

The Princess’ Man: an Afterthought

In the prison, Jeong requests for paper and brush — to name his unborn child. King Sejo refuses her entry but SR barges right in. SY suggests relocating their headquarters to another place because his identity is well-known around these parts.

The little girl runs into the house calling for her mother. King Sejo is furious and orders that they be sentenced to death by tearing apart their limbs. I enjoyed it throughout its’ run, and I’m maymmaywatch to see it go. Do not believe their ruse…. Newer Post Older Post Home.


I love this drama too…the lead is the best one ever. King Sejo orders them to be closely monitored. Overall, I’m satisfied that it’s a happy ending even though like everyone else, I was prepared for a tear-jerking one. SY asks that they be prepared and to contact Jo if he is not around.

Seriously, even the minor characters draw me. Jo commends him for making such a tough decision and does not argue when SY insists that it is only temporary. And your recaps are great jaymaywatch. The lies turned into affection, and the affection blossomed love. Are you going on a killing spree again?

Anonymous 27 October at Anonymous 26 October at Ugh, im so stressed out about the fact that i can hear gaps during OTP moments. If that is so, you should understand maymayatch now why I will never marry you.

Once the King gets over his anger, he will ask for you. When I think of you, my heart feels like breaking into pieces.

Page 1 Page 2 Next page. I will definitely bring you along, and kill him before your eyes, so you would forget him! Thumbs up to The Princess’s Man. After dropping the bombshell, SR leaves a shell-shocked King Sejo. She asks that he retrieves his body, desperate for her husband to rest in peace.

The Princess’ Man: an Afterthought – the talking cupboard

NohGul is impressed that SY has truly sworn off liquor. If you continue this, all your children will leave you one after another…. Her contradictory words lead the Queen to her next question. I beg you…not to leave her alone…take good care of her. And he has such a lovely, natural chemistry with Yoo Inna. Unknown 12 January at KH is surprised to learn SR has severed relationship with synopsls father.


I always start a Sageuk assuming a tragic ending. I thought the chest discomfort that SR felt was a sign of pregnancy and I was right! Do you really intend to go alone? I just finished reading all of your recaps! How could you say things like helping us out? Perhaps a regular in his time but definitely a gentleman in our society. Anonymous 30 September at To prepare the bedding sheets for his Lordship Shin Myeon.

The guys are surprised by his decision. King Sejo demands to know where SY is. The last scene is beautiful, but tragic because of the future it implies.

The progression is so natural and real. They are refreshingly down to earth and watching them interact actually turns me into a blushing school girl smiling widely from cheek-to-cheek. Chilgoo shamelessly strides in to meet Myeon, dangling this bit of information like a carrot to the anxious Myeon.