He said that, being a BBS journalist, she is using her influential position to make people turn away from his film. As pen downed by her all knowing mind it is an expression of her intellectual arrogance and reflection of her anger she wrote to the Bhutanese masses, for not watching Gyelsey. You will be in tight corner. Thanks for trying to guide us towards film making. Weekend showings are usually sold out, but the Trowa hall was quite empty on the day on a Friday! How do you even start to talk about the great art of filmmaking that has given the world the great artists like Tarkovsky, Satyajit Ray and Kurosawa?

You see we the Bhutanese are used to with the neutral accent and you are there with western accent which makes our people hardly understand what you are saying. I didnt really see the author labeling and generalizing the bhutanese commoners based on whether they watched Gyalse or not from her article. Is the Bhutanese audience so banal in its tastes that subtlety is totally misunderstood, and even missed? I would accept their views and would be happy for you. If you have trouble understanding her accent, I think you should take a few basic english language classes. Media , Society October 8, 5 Comments.

Lets be practical, some of my films like Yamasoo and Kabkabsu did well in the market but I was not satisfied because as I bhutahese mentioned that I had the same thought like yours. I really like the movie and it is comparable to some of the best Hollywood movies. What angered me was the lack of support for such talent. And taken them constructively for his next filmography.

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Hope to see some good films. Should I now be angry with her for having done that, especially, since I enjoyed it? I do not know who I am yet: When I mermaif, I will let you know!


And one thing, guide our youth bhuganese modernization, not westernization…. I think you are there for Bhutanese and not for the outsider. Best of luck, my friend.

What Namgay Zam wrote is not even professional criticisms. The Bhutan Observer is Bhutan’s first private bilingual newspaper. So are you really sure of what you are doing. Harmony seeps in when you let the others be and it stands true in social capital. My comment on no audience below the balcony is justified as well because of the n number of times I had been to watch other Bhutanese films and not been able to get tickets there.

But i realy dnt like her, because i hav a fr-enemy wich looks like her, acts like her, dance like her n smiles like her. Namgay Zam independent multimedia journalist, media trainer, finder of funds, more heart than head, grateful. But I say it is because of thee potential that lack in most bhutanese to judge a movie. She goes in length to blame the low income group Potential stall occupants for not coming to watch the film while applauding the Balconites, her family, friends and relatives.

You make money by making movies according to the tastes of the majority of the population.

Bhutanese Films: Interrupted

I have been following this incident and was gladdened with the way you handled yourself with so much of discipline, dignity and maturity. Wangchuk Talop, however, denied saying this to her.

Meanwhile, a member of public, who followed the controversy, said the producer should not take the post seriously. I too share the same story. So let me introduce who am I. Even more depressing was the fact that they love the sub-standard films that appeal only because of their song and dance sequences, and a pretty face. Thank bhutanees namgay zam. And The Winner Is If you think that your family depends on your salary as a filmmaker then direct your attention on making a good film.


I would be furious if someone takes away my precious two hours for nothing. I think I was the first person to read this post.

Bhutanese Films: Interrupted – namgay zam

To be fair, I have watched an average of one Bhutanese film every month, and I think because of my experience from bhutanes on the balcony and below, I am in a position to comment on what I have watched. I still feel miserable. You will be in tight corner.

April 2, at 3: I think she was just sharing her genuine personal view and concern. In her complaint letter, Namgay Zam accused Wangchuk Talop of intimidating her. And of course you were talking about your sadness and feeling mermwid for Namgay Zam and by the way, I think she is one of the most capable journalists for not understanding the difference between reality and perception.

Also in this series: Before I took up myself into film making, I too felt the bhutqnese.

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Post was not sent – check your email addresses! As are reporter one has to be vigilant. Namgay Zam’s controversial movie review.

I watch Bhutanese films very democratically: I think you should feel sorry for yourself for not even understanding your own art, the art that you profess to know and earn your bread from with so much pride.