The sahabah went out carrying this news, saying that khamr is now illegal. Send me back, So that I may do good in that which I have left behind! And last night we spoke about death that it comes unannounced, you are not given any ultimatum you are not given any notice to tell you that you have an appointment with the angel of death at this date at so and so time. Come out, to the forgiveness of Allaah and His pleasure. I was serving some of the sahabah alcohol and we heard the announcement in the street that alcohol is haram. It was described as the streets of madinah having it flowing.

Where are you taking me? What are we missing? If I was saved from this death I must have a long life ahead of me. What would the non-believer feel? We need to prepare ourselves by talking about al-akhirah. And who are they? Nothing would satisfy this greed except the dirt. What is the meaning of sakarataul mawt?

Death comes unannounced, suddenly. Be in the world as if you are a traveller. Everyone knows the importance of fulfilling the pillar of hajj, anybody…the children know the five pillars of Islam and know that one of them is al hajj.

But we do not belong here. When would the Last Hour come? There could have been a person who was lifting food to his mouth and before he could take the bite he died.

This is the mighty United States, it could not enforce a law banning alcohol.


The Hereafter

Horrors of the day of judgement. So He brought him down from the building to go and meet his death. So what are the objectives of talking about Akhirah? To their amazement, he stood up. So he can see them.

During this stage, there may be some discomfort for the believing soul. Where are you taking me? During this stage, the angels descend. Whoever dislikes meeting Allah, Allah dislikes meeting herefter. And what will soften these tough and harsh and rough hearts?

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They ran from their town in thousands. We, the human race living on this earth, are under the perception that we belong here and that this is our residence. I mean, there could be someone in that plane who is lifting up a bite of food but he died before he could put it in his mouth, he was eating to live! And that is the final destination. Part of our imaan is to believe in the hereafter.

Anwar al Awlaki lectures transcript: The Hereafter Series – CD 1

Allaah told us why He has given us the mind. The heart is rough, like a rock. Not fight and compete with people of this world over this world. If RasulAllah felt that, what would you and me feel? Nothing would satisfy this greed except the dirt.

A major problem is: And finally, our final destination which is al jannah aw an naar, hellfire or paradise. When the believer, he is about to die, he will be given the news that Allah is pleased with him. Some went as far as vomiting what was in their stomach. This series of lectures will in sha Allaah cover all the stages that a human being will journey through at the time of death, Some of the topics covered in this series will include death, the events of the grave, the day of judgment, paradise and hell, the signs of the day of judgment and the major signs of the day of judgment.


Anas ibn Malik says: This is because of that which your hands forwarded. Anas said that this young boy was of our age daring those days.

Look at years earlier: SubhanAllah, it is in the fitra to know alcohol is bad for you. Al Hasan al Basri says: Hasan AlBasri said that we deal with death as if it is doubtful.

The Hereafter | Audio — Muflihun

I will give you actual stories and this story it is mentioned that it happened in Riyad. There is no way around death. What will happen on the other side? He is living as if he is seeing jannah and naar in front of them.