Both of these include English, Spanish and French subtitles. Find More Posts by RustyK However I don’t own any Blu-ray version of T1 or T3. Send a private message to RustyK The Terminator 2 Skynet Edition Blu-ray features the following materials:. I’ve had the JP T2 steelbook for about a month.

Have used this disc many times before Anything new or additional with the T is welcome because he’s such a great villain. You don’t know what to trust anymore. Lionsgate wants you to toss out your T2 DVDs and buy this one. So ‘director’s cuts’, ‘extended editions’ and god help us ‘un-cut versions’ are released and re-released to make us buy the same thing over and over again. Not everyone in Hollywood had memorised his screenplay. Other cynics may say that all computer effects could manage at this time in their rapid development was liquid metal so the bad Terminator became a creature able to ‘morph’, or change via liquid metal from anything to anything. But I must say this.

By submitting your information, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. It’s so refreshing to sjynet luminously pale skin rather than the tanned hue of starlets ordinaire. It’s always a plus that John’s relationship with the Terminator is expanded and all these scenes seem integral to making the movie emotionally more satisfying.

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T2 might have benefited from a full-on quality digital transfer, if not a frame-by-frame restoration. Top 10 Horror Movies Tag: The liquid metal Robert Patrick cast for his feline looks and originally scripted with a moustache which in Patrick’s face would have looked just simply wrong effortlessly pours through prison optimiezr only to briefly find that his gun hand is temporarily stuck until he twists his grip.

Lastly, “Processor Tests” is a variety of remote control mini-games occurring during the movie. Yeah, unless they’ve been remastered, really kind of pointless in my opinion.

Lionsgate wants you to toss out your T2 DVDs and buy this one | SYFY WIRE

The time now is Send a private message to avs commenter. Trivia Data Overlay A busy textual feature that has a lot of crossover with the commentaries, but also includes observations on the film and its connection with real world and media elements outside not directly related to the film. Terminator 2 s,ynet a perfect title for such interactive marvels, a tale of futuristic technology suddenly, excitingly thrust into our midst.


But eighteen years ago, when a CG effect was on screen, there was a slight change to the feel of the shot at least on the original DVDopgimizer colour shift and a quality change only perceptible if you were aware of it. What else is there to do in a mental hospital?

There are sometimes a few minutes between questions, but this is a long film and there are easily enough here to make for a great film geek drinking game, with questions ranging from who did what and what happens next to terminatorr details you may or may not have remembered from previous screenings.

I don’t think I will double dip. I find her lack of acting experience rather obvious as she tends terminqtor overplay the robotic killer but then again she’s a killer robot. As is the way with Blu-ray, all of the extras and the soundtrack controls can be accessed while the film is playing, appearing on a metallic terninator at the top and dropping down in Cyberdyne computer fashion. This is not a problem, as it’s a terrific accompaniment to the film and one well worth retaining, with pretty much every aspect of the production covered in considerable detail, including details of casting, the score, the locations, the stunt work, the actors’ approach to their roles, how specific shots and effects were achieved and a ton of other stuff.

You don’t know what to trust anymore. Bu the commentary here scores over its DVD predecessor is that the name, role and a thumbnail picture of each contributor appears at the top right of screen when they are speaking, optimizef you never lose track of who is who.


Optimists would say mid-season. All times are GMT. In fact, it is disappointingly similar to the Blu-ray release, although I still salute Lionsgate for embracing the format so early on with perhaps their single best title.

But it’s still weird in terms of the integrity of the original premise that has grown weed-like into every narrative nook and cranny. But the female form, wrought by years of self-development, produced slick, oiled torsos that needed a GPS system and a 4×4 to navigate over. Join our movie c o mmuni t y to f i nd out.

Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies Tag: Maybe the off-putting part is the fact that she mutates into her shapely self just before the guy downs zipper and stabs him to death. View all articles by Chris Chiarella. Her habit of concealing herself as a urinal is decidedly off-putting. Occasionally the track steps outside of its allocated box to point hlu out on screen — cameo appearances are gay favourite — with a big white arrow.

Hollywood was blessed with an extraordinary invention.

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Both of these include English, Spanish and French subtitles. Terminator motorcycle, Aliens dropship and more sweet sci-fi rides can be yours… for a price Benjamin Bullard. Despite my reservations, she’s a startling visual presence on the show. I really appreciated this, but it’s worth noting that it only appears if you select the production commentary after you’ve terminztor the film.