Midori’s telekinetic counterattack backfires and throws her from the rooftop but Ran interferes, saving her life. Ran hears the voices from the Emahi grass and goes into the forest with the others in tow. When they arrive at school, Ran and Midori find their teacher Ueda who falls from a tree and was injured by a leopard. That was the best episode so far xD Loved it. Posted by Andy Hanley at On the way home from school, Rui, Ran and Midori held an old woman after she gets almost hit by a cyclist, but she does not want their help. Midori thanks Ran for saving her from the same fate as the woman.

Ran, Rui, and Midori accompany Ran’s father and brother to the village. Maybe Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan; not sure. Yes, of course, the class decide to do a cafe that is also a haunted house. Naruyoya tries to have them killed, but Ran and Midori use their powers to escape. The manager of the inn seeks the help of Ran to get rid of the ghosts. Laughing Face of the Night” Transcription:

Letting her mind slip for a moment, the woman reveals that the man in the earlier fire was a former lover whose desertion drove her to revenge. When they arrive at school, Ran and Midori find their teacher Ueda who falls from a tree and was injured by a leopard. The Moefication of Anime Intellectual Gushing: Once there, strange things happen such as villagers coming to attack Ran, Rui shhoujo Midori.

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The Kidnapped Bride” Transcription: Lists of anime spisode. Ran continues to get more injured by cuts from the animals, but still chooses not to fight back.

Rui manages to get permission for them to take the haniwa with them, and they research about the Yayoi period when he lived. Rin finds the culprit on the roof with an unconscious Rui. Ran’s parents reassure her and Midori that even though they are different, they are still loved. Given this episode and the preview for episode twenty, I’m starting to wonder if the writers for this series haven’t run out of Scooby Doo -esque mysteries for the gang to solve although I could argue they ran out of those four or five episodes in and are thus resorting to the obvious use of filler episodes.


Well, TGR has failed to bring telekinetic action, so After Rin gets the letter back and reads it, he finds it to be addressed to a member of the sumo club. Telepathy Shoujo Ran Episode If you’ve been worried about the amount of time Ran and company seem to spend getting holidays away from school, then worry no more, as this particular episode actually takes place within the confines of school. They meet a woman named Noriko looking for a villa she used to visit as a child, but is having trouble finding.

At an utter loss for telepwthy to spend their Golden Week vacation, Rui proposes that Hayate Village be visited in order to investigate the legend of a local sorceress wielding the Telpathy grass for the purpose of controlling people.

Rin, tleepathy to his sister having powers, try to bring his own powers out with her help, but nothing works.

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Ran and Midori lend their powers to Rui, and they destroy the darkness demon possessing Narukoya. When did Midori became this beautiful?

Well, here we are again, as it’s time for another episode of Table Levitation Shoujo Ran They still follow her to the hospital and make sure she gets back fine. Rui awakening and calling to her enables Ran to use her now enhanced power to fight back and drive her away. Search Hanners’ Anime ‘Blog. Azumanga Daioh had the same dilemma, leading to Osaka’s breakthrough thought: Ran goes out with Rin to a flea market, and Midori unexpectedly shows up. Ran and Midori find a mark of a face on his elbow and use their powers to learn more about the suffering of an unknown girl.


Ran and her brother Rin head to the school after Ran picks up Rui’s stray thoughts at his home. Midori comes to visit the woman later and helps her escape out to a telepathu in town. After hauling Midori to safety, Ran’s charge at the masked figure knocks her to the ground and revealing her identity. Rin receives a love letter in his judo club’s locker, but it unexpectedly telspathy missing later.

Ran, Rui, Midori, and Rin go to the mountains for a skiing, and in Midori’s case snowboarding, trip so that they can investigate into the local rumor that a yuki-onna has been seen. Views Read Edit View history.

Ran is led against her will into the jungle, and comes across a bull owned by an old man named Jikunan who is connected to what has happened on the island in episodde past.

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Rui reassures Ran that he will be there for her if anything happens. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Retrieved from ” https: That was episodde best episode so far xD Loved it. LOL fits her somehow!