How were Tara and Tiree courageous? Share buttons are a little bit lower. The dog wants a bone. Why is it helpful to summarize important ideas while reading? View my complete profile. Communicate To explain my findings, I will use my notes. An avalanche buried lots of trees on the mountain.

The man ran by the lake with his dog on the board. Seuss items, researching ways to integrate technology, and cre That tells what happens. Who will always keep you near? I wrote many notes about people helping their communities and some notes about people helping their own family. Newer Post Older Post Home. Find a word that rhymes with yarn and say the sound that was changed. I blend them and read the word spark.

The snd wants a bone. The baseball game was so fast-paced that it was over in an hour. Why did the porpoises need to be rescued? Dad helped Sandy up, so Maya could pull Sandy to safety. How could we help? What is the girl in the picture doing?

What do you think is going on? Students compared and contrasted the 2 dogs in the story.

I showed a dog picture on Apple TV and they wrote sentences on dry erase board. Listen for the words courageous, hazard, and rescue as you sing. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Person falls into raging water Call A river is flooding its banks Fill sandbags to hold back water There has been a tornado Get first aid and help clean up A friend is in moviie Run to get help, or find an adult who knows what to do Movoe falls off a cliff onto a ledge Maya helps her dad rescue Sandy Jim falls into the freezing lake Tiree and Tara pull Jim out Porpoises are caught in fishing weirs Owen and Diana help free the porpoises.


A Noun is a person, place or thing! The vase broke into very sharp pieces. She jogs though her leg is sore. A firefighter who rescues someone from a burning building is very courageous.

T Question of the Day Where do you go to enjoy nature? What different dangerous situations have we learned about?

The girl and the boy brought bread to the birds. Look at the title on page of your Reading books. Our goal is to find out more about how people help each other in dangerous weather situations.

How were Tara and Tiree courageous? What does avalanche mean? He could hear the drip, drip, drip of melting icicles as he closed his bedroom window.

Find a word that rhymes with yarn and say the sound that was changed. I may abd to focus only on people helping their communities. What dogs do you think would make the best rescue dogs?

Tara and Tiree, Fearless Friends A True Story

Nouns Two children lived across the street. We read this story every year, and I absolutely love your unit!

Identify Familiar Letter-Sounds — What is the blended sound for these two letters? Expository text often includes photographs and headings to help readers understand the topic. Wow, I was impressed! What are some ways we have learned we can help in case of an emergency? Labels 2-Digit Addition 1 2. If you drop the glass, it will break. My students needed extra practice with Go Math Problem Solving so I made some problem solving morning work pages using 2 of the Go Math pro Read one syllable at a time and then say them together.


Consonant Digraphs shape catch You studied words like these last tieee. It has great dog pictures!

Tara and Tiree, Fearless Friends by: Andrew Clements

Kate EduKate and Inspire. Yara the weekend collecting Dr. Nouns Add a noun to these sentences: Collective nouns name groups. Now you read with me. Seuss items, researching ways to integrate technology, and cre The boys skate in the park.

Daily Fix It The dog has a jub? Marcus is often running or skating. When a word has two consonants in the middle, we usually divide it into syllables between two consonants. The text is descriptive because the author describes what rescue dogs are like and what they do. Listen while I read this poem, and then we will read it together.