Fletchinder attempted to use Peck , but it got caught in Sylveon’s feelers and was spun around, While being hit with Fairy Wind. Sorry for the long waiting. I’ve uploaded this on this channel as well, just in case that something happens to it on my other one. Legendary Moltres p60 Mixeli 3 months ago. After Ash caught Noibat, it continued training with Noibat and Hawlucha, to help teach Noibat to fly. Currently there are no comments related to this article. Talonflame has also adopted Ash’s never give up mentality, as it has taken many hard hitting blows in the past, and always gotten back up.

This leads to the biggest moment of the episode and quite possibly one of my favourite scenes in the XY series. The search for Lucarionite is on, and Korrina faces challenges she never dreamed of! While it was hatching, Fletchinder used its Flame Body Ability to keep it warm until it hatched into a Noibat. It used Razor Wind hitting Surskit knocking it out. D I hope you like it. This gave Ash the victory, earning him the Psychic Badge.

Fletchinder recovered and used Razor Wind. Cap 07 koltres charizard vs moltres – ash y serena – 2da temp -by megalucarioXD Mega lucario XD 2 years ago. Please remember to follow the manual of style and code of conduct at all times.

Talonflame Amv Master Shamo Amv 2 months ago. I made this video for all the Pokemon and Talonflame fans. Maza original 5 months ago.

Using Flame Charge as a Fletchinder. I opened the Pokemon tournament. After Fletchling left, Clemont tried to attract it with one of his Clemontic Gearsonly for Fletchling to set them up into being attacked by a swarm of Beedrill.

Rather, it shared an Oran Berry snack with Pikachu and Froakie, symbolizing their new found friendship. Talonflame was then struck by an Air Slashbut it quickly recovered and used Flame Charge to increase its Speed to catch up to Unfezant and strike him back.


Talonflame then saved the paralyzed Frogadier from Psyshock and used Flame Charge to shield itself and Frogadier from Meowstic’s attacks. In addition, Talonflame is willing to put itself in harm’s way to protect its friends.

In A Legendary Photo Op! It also seems to want to prove itself against other Flying types, as it wished to fight Moria’s Talonflame to the point of crying in frustration when rejected by it. The Fletchning-Fletchinder evolution is still my favourite of the XY evolutions, but this one is a close second. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Thanks for watchingsmash the like button and share the vid!!

MaddoxAlwaysRocks 5 years ago. Hello dosto aaj main apko batauga ke kon hai behter fire type aur legendary to chalu karo mera video and lets discuss it Frnds plz subscribe karo like karo aur D I hope you like it. In A Relay in the Sky! Nick Of Awesomeness 3 years ago. Afterwards Talonflame decided it wanted to battle against Fletchling after all.

They were then caught by Charizard, but Gyarados slammed them down with Dragon Tail, knocking Talonflame out. Ash fletchinder evolves into talonflame Miguelprez09 Gaming Fan 3 years ago.

She offered to have a Sky Battle with Ash and took them to a place where they could test out the Sky Battle gear. Once Ash and Talonflame were safely pulled up, Ash’s friends scolded him for almost getting himself killed, but Moltres was impressed by Ash’s courage and flew away into the sky. Krokorok Evolves into Krookodile! This leads to the biggest moment of the episode and quite possibly one of my favourite scenes in the XY series.

Pokemon XY Series Episode 85 Fight Talonflame(Evolution) VS Moltres – video dailymotion

Later Ash used Fletchinder, Hawlucha and Noibat in the relay. Talonflame, however, shook it off and cut into Avalugg’s back with Steel Wing. I was surprised at the inclusion of Moltres in this episode. Hit episoce Like and Subscribe button if you want.


A chance reunion with an old friend gives our heroes an experience of legendary proportions!

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In An Electrifying Rage! You have a special honor to be the first commenter. Fletchling molres showed a sense of humor by laughing at them after being attacked. Just like last time, it managed to land a hit with Flame Charge.

All rights go to Pokemon, GameFreak, Nintendo and other respective owners. Both of its evolutions occurring in battles against other Flying-types is further indication of this. It was caught by Ash and then followed Team Rocket to a cave where it lead Ash and the other to them, where Pikachu and Frogadier defeated Team Rocket.

A Legendary Photo Op!

They eventually ended up second after Noibat barely lost to Starly, but it and the others were pleased with Noibat, who had successfully learned to fly. Personal tools Create account Log in. A Battle of Aerial Mobility! With this Spritzee easily dodged the attacks.

Covering itself and Frogadier in the Flame Charge’s flames, Talonflame remains stationary and uses it as a shield against attacks from all directions.

I think I would have liked seeing it more if there was more of a story behind a Moltres being in the Kalos region other than what was said in the episode regarding the mountain.