Escape Rooms Portland Michigan: North Valley Escape Room: The Blackpool Tower Dungeons. Hostage Hideout, Pie and Mash Shop. The Wizard’s Tower, The Dungeon. Top Secret Escape Games: Lab, Office, Santa’s Workshop. Jailbreak, Treasure Hunter, Mission

Escape Rooms Scotland Edinburgh: Escape Room Melbourne, Mine Escape. Saw, Kidnap, Madhouse, Missing Gem. Casino Heist, Dressing Room Drama. Project Pandora, The Hatch. The Monk’s Work Chamber.

The Heist, Gold Rush, Saw.

Forth Smith Escape Room: Escape the Room Minneapolis: Escape The Room Indy: The Movie TheaterThe Office. Trapdoor London Escape Rooms: The Speakeasy, Sal’s Chop Shop.

Prison Escape, School of Hard Locks. Prison Break, Crime Scene: College Town Escape Rooms: Das Feast, The Abnormal Studie. Medieval Mayhem, Savage Safari.

OLD & OBSOLETE – Escape Room Directory

The Great Escape Canada: Breakout Games – Charlotte: Breakout Louisville Escape Games: Da Vinci, Taken, Mission Impossible. See also Escape Rooms in Sydney.

The KidnappingMuseum HeistOperation: The Great Escape Room: RDK takie znaki sa w Twojej okolicy? In Search of Wildfire.


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EgyptianThe Basement. The Crystal Maze Manchester: Room of Riddles Barcelona: Caught in the Basement, Holmes vs Moriarty.

Breakout Games – Memphis: Nuclear Countdown, Blackbeard’s Escape. Wonka’s World of Candy — Match 3. Puzzle Break Turenchamona Island: Tick Tock Unlock Glasgow: Communism Room, Recording Studio, Mission: The Lab of Dr.

Escape The Room Milwaukee: Mind Bender Escape Rooms: The Greatest Escape Games: Bank Job, Serial Killer, Taken. Biohazard, Prison Break, Transylvania, Wonderland. Chambers Real Escape Games: Executioner’s Toolshed, Enchanted Forest.

Secret Agent, Quest for the Throne. Meeting Mania, Mother-in-Law Mania. Gr8 SHow Escape Rooms: Bunker 38, Cell Block C. The Secret of the Gallery.