I use it in a small retail store and I use an iPad point of sale system and the bar code scanner syncs perfectly with the iPad. NOTE Symbol length does not include start and stop characters. ID Card Printer Ribbons. The Symbol CS Series is a mobile barcode scanner available in two different versions: Page 27 Getting Started 1 – The Bluetooth application may prompt you to scan a passkey it generated, or for you to create and then scan a passkey PIN. Scan the Save Configuration bar code on page also provided below.

The scanning capabilities are fantastic, it’s easy to carry with you, lightweight and recharges in about 3 hours. We are very happy with this scanner and plan to continue purchasing them. This disables Bluetooth and the Bluetooth button stops blinking. Do not buy if you’re looking for a batch scanner that will easily transfer the barcoded information after you’ve collected it. Great with Android 3. Dependable Long Battery Life Small. I have had blue tooth devices in the past that were a nightmare to sync and this one was a breeze.

To change any option, scan the appropriate bar code s in this chapter.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Check datasheet for regional availability. They’re easy to program and easy to use. The integrated SE scan engine delivers Zebra’s world-renowned scanning quality and reliability.


Fits in a pocket! Outside the enterprise, manufacturers and distributors can provide customers with a CS to scan inventory as it is used, effectively automating the ordering process at the point of consumption.


It must read the following codes three times: Complete ID Card Systems. Portability and ability to scan on the go, makes the departments i am accessing glad that i have such an advanced tool to take less time.

Trioptic Code 39 symbols always contain six characters. Fits in the pocket so it never gets lost or smashed, because you never have to set it down to do your work. See page xiii for contact information. The highly intuitive simple 2-button interface makes scanning easy and grooves guide hands and fingers into the most comfortable scanning position.

The Symbol CS Series is a mobile barcode scanner available in two different versions: Super easy to use. Code Type Length 4 or less Ccs3000 purchased the CS as a test to see if it would be bale to scan barcodes into our website for our sales guys in the field.

CS3000 Companion Scanner

Following is a sample window of such an application. It works perfectly now and we are ready to start scanning barcodes in the field and becoming more efficient!

We had to wit until the new ICS update was available before it started to work.

Motorola symbol Cs30000 series Reference Manual 21 pages. Charge time is approximately three hours for symbool fully discharged battery. Includes coverage for cradles. NOTE Symbol length does not include start and stop characters.

Does not include coverage for cradles. For example, select Code 93 Two Discrete Lengths, then scan 0, 2, 1, 4 from Numeric Bar Codes on page to limit the decoding to Code 93 symbols containing 2 or 14 characters. Our Company About Barcodes, Inc. We have rented scanner for the past 5 years for our annual conferences to track attendance at conference functions.



To set these values, scan a four-digit number i. With the CS series, we have reduced all of the previous issues, and the equipment budget was greatly reduced. I’m sure we will find a lot of uses for this device. My development staff use the scanners to report the progress of stories. Chapter 4 Symbologies Chapter 4 Symbologies Introduction This chapter describes symbology features and provides the programming bar codes for selecting these features for the scanner.

Then select the 3 digits using the Numeric Bar Codes on page This rebuilds the configuration file from program memory.

The code ID character is inserted between the prefix character if selected and the decoded symbol. Bottom Line No, I would not recommend this to a friend. Scan the parameter bar codes in Chapter 3, User Preferences Chapter 4, Symbologies to customize scanner operation.