You could say that. I’ll have to send you some fic-links later. I have to go sign for delivery. The appearance of Adam Milligan in the final song is a nod to the on-going intense concern among some fans about the fact that the character is never mentioned, and was left trapped in Hell by his half-brothers Sam and Dean. Dean wants to know why they are standing so close together. Oh, it’s just subtext.

How do you kill an idea? Is that in the show? And I understudy Jody Mills. But I flew too high He’s still trapped in a cage in Hell with Lucifer. Usually, this is where Sam and Dean take off before anyone asks any questions. I mean, it’s close, but it just — it needs a little more, eh I can see her lying back in her satin dress in a room where you do what you don’t confess Sundown, you better take care If I find you been creepin’ ’round my back stairs Sundown, you better take care Hey. This is a quote from the movie Ghost Busters.

In the movie, everyone doubts Misha’s character because they think he believes there are aliens on the moon. Okay, um, and — and — a-and that concludes our introduction for the night, so everybody just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Sam and Dean are backstage watching the second act supernatrual. The Road So Far. Dean and Sam are at a hotel.

Okay, all right, little miss sunshine. See Fanworks and Fanfiction for more details. Part Twoone of the Winchesters tosses a gun into the trunk of the Impala and states “we’ve got work to do. They decide to burn the scarecrow in the hopes of ending the problem. Especially my sweet braveselfless Sam. Charlie Kaufman is an American screenwriter and director known for post-modern work often with authorial insertion, in films such as Adaptation and Being John Malkovich.


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Wicked is a musical based on the Gregory Maguire novel Wicked: There is no case? I just I don’t know anymore. The robot head in the teachers office may be a reference to Stonehenge Apocalypse – a Syfy movie starring Misha Collins. So ,here we are 10 years and this is the th EPICsode. Dean takes the blanket off the not-nearly-as-terrifying-as-expected scarecrow and throws it in the Nightmare on Elm Street- style boiler.

Maggie, Marie just never stops. What are they doing? That amulet is a symbol of the Winchesters’ brotherly love.

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None of their props are even remotely hinky. Well, you did good out there, kid. Life, death, resurrection, redemption — but above all, family. But it’s gonna have to work for Sam. She thanks Sam and tells him.

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Notify me of new comments via email. Marie approaches them, hoping they are from the publisher. But underneath this broken mask Aaaaaaah!

If Sam and Dean were real, they wouldn’t back down from a fight, especially my sweet, brave, selfless Sam. And thanks to the supernatural crew for an awesome 10 years. I guess we can go back to staring at motel-room walls. There is no other road, no other way, no day but today. So those of you in the front rows, may want to use the ponchos we provided for you under your seats.

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Sam wakes to find himself locked in the basement with Mrs. Sam is vaguely intrigued about how certain aspects of their story have been rewritten: A knight of hell, actually.


A friend of mine hooked me up with the unpublished-unpublished books. Sam and Dean quickly surmise the case they read about in the newspaper must have something to do with this musical.

Sam and Dean return to the school to investigate the new disappearance. When Dean and Sam investigate the mysterious disappearance of a teacher at an all girls school, they are shocked to find a musical being adapted based on the Carver Edlund Supernatural series.

All right, Shakespeare, you know that I can actually tell you what really happened with, uh, Sam and Dean. Um Well You get your wish. Uh, I know the second act is a little bit wonky and the first act has some issues, but What did you think? It’s not shpernatural Tulpa. If I hadn’t written this dumb play, none of supernatursl would’ve happened.

The Saving people, hunting things. Don’t you have to wait until the vision has been realized? Maybe it’s because the czst actual inspiration is here. Yes No Report this.

All right, everybody back to one! This This is all my fault. Then she — she left, and I heard her scream. Dean shares that old chestnut—that the show must go on. The actress in the musical doesn’t want to wear the amulet as she says it keeps hitting her lip.