Floria Ambra Again it is proven that good quality music comes very often from Sweden The second album that was delivered by the postman is performed by Janet Robbins from Asheville, North Carolina. Feel free to post comments! Please support this young artist by posting comments! Visit the iTunes Store and get more music by this great band, there’s a fine collection of albums to choose from. Music is about exploring, music is about changes, changes are good, changes are food for new and exciting times in our lives.

Visit Ambient Island here. Clean Jukebox 11 Nurion. Please visit the SINE website for more details. Clean Jukebox 21 Rymdlego. Beat butter at medium speed until creamy. Click the Flickr link at the right sidebar for full details. Prepare yourself for a world full of sounds, patterns, atmopherics and meditation.

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Re-mastered edition is now available from his website. It is called ‘Time’performed by SINE and certainly reflects thoughts and feelings that go with the december days; building up piece by piece, vocals, ambient sounds, guitar and a beautiful piano melody takes you to unexpected places; the wide break with a heart breaking synth lead will absolutely move you and lift you off the ground!

Ah well, good for some sweat and tears. Green light for entering the stadium area 1: Jette von Roth [ Saul plays 3 tracks on this podcast. Once you start playing the tracks you only want to pump up the volume and really dive into this Little World and stay. It all started in his childhood The Jukebox plays a track called ‘Return Home part 2’ and it’s taken from the album ‘Cassiopeia’ sent to us by Gulan himself.


Solar Cycle should get his name on the widescreen as soon as possbile, which should not be too difficult. The first Fresh Air!

Special place for special people; our meeting with David Leckenby the EnlightenNext headquarters. Cappuccino muffins freeze well. In the case of Darkest Star it was the lyric”.

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He is also known for his detailed knowledge of the Native American flute. After a few years of studying music and composing, dance and techno stuff, trance productions, the Iatream Cycle project really got started. The remaining Brandy goes on last, but not without another fiery show. Spacemusic Season 7 Spacemusic.

The music by Peru can be described as ‘new age’ or ‘electronic’. Add oil and process until mixture resembles coarse meal. Working side by side with Jenkins, David’s driven pursuit to create the music of his dreams is on. Izmar Verhage is a producer of all kinds of electronic music, usually with a cinematic, soulful influence. It’s the final track from the album and as far singee we’re concerned the best one.

Yaniv has produced music for the last 11 years.

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A great Santiago Calatrava Valla designed item. Have yourself a lovely Senseoreg; Sunday! I hope and believe that this magical place has now found an expression in a small but sincere way through this music.

I suoer a new pair of shoes! Solar Cycle has produced 3 full-length albums: Because everything is based on seconds, minutes, hours: An ounce of Brandy is added to each glass next, but not without a show. The performances from which this recording is taken, took place on top of a mountain above Tromso, in a cabin reached by the cable car, in which the audience were transported up the mountain in turn.


The recording, the editing, the compressing, the uploading, the re-compressing for web based Flash, the RSS update procedures, updating the blogs and the tweets Press the button and enjoy the show for today: The spisode is music with depth and purpose that invites the mind and body to relax in its electro-acoustic textures.

Seriously, we should look after our artists and music much much more.

Though during his childhood he used to listen to very melodic songs as well, collected by his parents; on a regular day he would hear Neil Diamond, James Last, Barbra Streisand, some Arne Janssen during birthday parties and even this Dutch band ‘BZN’.

Throw in some coins and enjoy Itrsquo;s all part of the Spacemusic HD project. Please continue sending us your demo songs and albums as downtempo themed shows are in the lab Zeit fuuml;r deinen Resturlaub! Clean Jukebox 36 Dia-Mantra: With contributions and collaborations from a bunch of other talented musicians. S Bach, Handel, Mozart and Beethoven but it is when he comes ear to ear with film and music that the potent mix strikes a chord.