Finding her old gun in the shrine, Yura overcomes her self-pity and shows up to challenge Sonora in her send-off match. Add to My List. However, after their instructor was killed in action, Rin felt having weakness was fatal and became focused on airsoft, eventually drifting apart from Sonora. Becoming impatient and not giving Yura time to give an honest reply, the members challenge Yura and Sonora to an escort match, in which Yura must safely escort an unarmed Sonora, stating that if they lose, Yura will be forced to join the club. Thinking over all her actions, Yura falls into depression, feeling she has no place to return to. Before the final round, Yura goes to see Rin, whose cold words only serve to make Yura more determined to beat her.

After various rounds of airsoft against various players, including Rin, Aoi and Aira, the final pits Karila against Honoka, which Honoka wins by using her sex appeal to earn the popular vote. After another medic match, Rin informs Yura that she is ignoring the team and focusing too much on her own victories. After Sonora is discharged from hospital, Yura confesses to everyone that she violated the ‘zombie rule’, in which players cannot shoot other players once they have been hit themselves. With the club holding back on sweets to save for an upcoming hour tournament, Sonora suggests they raise the money for the tournament by holding a stand at the school fair so that they can happily buy sweets with their own funds. In order to draw in more customers, Honoka puts together a bikini water pistol fight display. Sonora challenges Yura to a one-on-one match, matching each other move for move and rekindling their excitement for airsoft. Anime and Manga portal.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sonora manages to take Yachiyo down with her own weapon whilst Yura manages to use a clever rouse to get Rento and Honoka to take each other out. Yura then gets hit by another person’s shot, but chooses to fire at Rin anyway, leading Stella to be declared the winners.

With the day finally coming to an end, Sonora invites Yura and the others to come visit her any time. The tournament begins, with teams tasked with obtaining flags and bringing them to a safe zone to avoid elimination. After Sonora leaves for America, Yura takes some initiative and invites some other students to join the C 3 Club. The C 3 Club travels to a remote island for a practice match against the Seto Family team from Kansai, which they manage to win thanks to Yura’s quick thinking.


Epksode, Yura becomes upset when Rin assigns her as a medic role during a match that they narrowly lose, feeling she could’ve won if she was a regular attacker. Views Read Edit View history.

Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C³ – Wikipedia

Along the way, Yura thinks she can see a white fox, but the others pass it off as her active imagination. Feeling she has nothing more to learn from them, Yura decides to quit the C 3 Club. Please note that ‘Not yet aired’ titles are excluded.

Upon returning to the dorms ind hearing that the Skorpion is nicknamed Choujirou, Yura tells what she experienced to Sonora, who tells her about her teacher who was killed in action. Samurai Legend Princess Maker. In order to draw in more customers, Honoka puts together a bikini water pistol fight display.

With Yura’s help, the C 3 Club manage to overcome the Seto team’s strategy and win the match, though Sonora does not seem happy about it. The girls enter a national high-school airsoft tournament, which follows capture the flag rules.

After luring Yura back with some cake, the koutkuka invites her to try out a Rambo-style game, in which one member, Karila Hatsuse, acts as Rambo whilst the other members, Rento, Honoka Mutsu and Yachiyo Hinata, along with Yura, are the sheriffs trying joyakuin take her down.

Episode 13 Episode 12 Episode aub Episode Meanwhile, the other members try their own hair-brained schemes to get Yura to join, with little success. Sonora is the third-year student who became the new head of this club for military survival games. Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. Sonora challenges Yura to a one-on-one match, matching each other move for move and rekindling their excitement for airsoft. Yura becomes more panicked when she overhears Rin being more focused on taking down every member instead of just stealing their flag and decides to forfeit out of fear.

On their way home, Yura and Sonora come under attack by a sniper using an illegally modified airsoft gun firing dangerous rounds. The next day, as Yura returns to the shrine to reenter that world, Rento finds herself brought into the world as well, where she witnesses her shoot the arrow, which in real life translates to her hitting the coin right in the center from a long distance.

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Summer, Special Re: Yura finally meets Sonora, who had returned from a shooting contest in America and becomes impressed by her skills at making onigirireminding her of her own marksmen training. IdleSheep All reviews 34 people found this review helpful.

Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu BD 10 Sub Indo

An anime television series adaptation aired on TBS between July 4 and September 26, and was simulcast by Crunchyroll. Despite not being able to win, Yura gets a sense of excitement from the battle. Jun 22, 2: Wanting everyone together for an airsoft-style send-off, Rento searches for Yura, eventually finding her at the arcade in a sorry state. As Yura ponders over her actions, she realizes that if she wants to change, she’ll have to make the changes herself.

As Yura starts to really miss her friends, she is drawn to the shrine where she once again meets Choujirou, who tells Yura that she needs to accept herself. They first task Yura with hitting a dangling coin, teaching her to aim without aiming.

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Before the final round, Yura goes to see Rin, whose cold words only serve to make Yura more determined to beat her.

However, this turns out to be a crayfish-related disaster, and they are soon left with no money for either. Although the club manages fpisode raise enough money for the tournament, they discover after the festival that the shooting range had become broken due to the water fights.

Help improve our database by adding background information here. After finding her arranged dorm roommate, Sonora Kashima, is out visiting her family, Yura looks around the room and is surprised to find an array of guns, military items and action movies.

There, she meets a curious warrior spirit named Choujirou, who shows Yura a world that blends his tragic past with Yura’s delusional world. Not content with this decision, Yura states she wants to face off against Meisei again, but is met with objection from the others, who can no longer hold back their frustrations with Yura’s recent behaviour.

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