The witch turns Homer into a half-chicken, half-fish creature with donkey ears and broom-arms. Lou, cancel the prom. The Wild Side and a small piece of my young Wookiee innocence was stolen away. Unbeknownst to Lisa, Snorky is actually king of the dolphins and organizes the world’s dolphins into an army to declare war on humanity. Season 12 Episode 1. Yeah, it’s quite fetching.

It’s a winning combination. My very own favorite guy from Treehouse of Horror XI: I thought I’d never see you again. Sort by Relevance Newest first Oldest first. One of the deadliest plants on earth. What the hell was I thinking? I’m pretty sure she was gonna be the next Hitler.

It’s almost time for your beating! It was her, all right! I thought I’d never see you again.

I, King Snorky, hereby banish all epsode to the sea! The Sick and Silly Show Peter informs Homer that he had not done a good deed in his life, and must perform one within 24 hours before he can officially be let into Heaven. We’ve gotta warn Grampa! If I could just- Ooh! Don’t hurt me, horoscope.

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In a parody of Ghost DadHomer ‘s horoscope says he will die today. The episode first aired on Ismpsons 1,beginning a practice of the show’s Halloween episodes debuting after the holiday itself due to Fox snork late-October prime time schedule being pre-empted by the network’s coverage of the World Series. However, later in the episode when Snorky takes the podium to address the town, he introduces himself as “King Snorky”.


As an added bonus, Duffman got a dye job!

A house made of gingerbread. Lisa is wary as it is exactly like the story ” Hansel and Gretel “, but Bart is too busy eating treats to care.


My first task as always was the outline. I’m not gonna let a few hoop-jumping tuna-munchers push me around! She then tries to shove him into the oven, only to be overpowered and herself shoved inside by Homer, before George Cauldron comes to the door.

The episode received positive reviews from critics. Well, the thing about that is, um- [Muttering] Ow! Everything must be okay. That sounds unusually specific for a horoscope.

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The Complete Twelfth Season “. There’s gotta be some good deed I can do.

I still can’t believe a piece of broccoli killed you. The humans refuse to submit to the dolphins’ will without a fight, only to find the dolphins greatly outnumber them. Happy Valentine’s Day from my little Valentines!


Bottlenose bruises, blowhole burns, flipper-prints. Email required Address never made public. When Homer returns to the cottage, Marge has him go out looking for the children after admonishing him for throwing them out instead of selling them.

Snorky tells Springfield that dolphins used to live on simpsojs but were banished to the ocean by humans. I must admit this comes as an iPhone case which I am seriously considering buying.

King Snorky

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