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In it something is also to me it seems it is very excellent thought. Markkiz – September 09, at An Animated Epic TrceLeave – June 02, at KidrceLeave – May 28, at Book of Secrets Rise of the Machines Rfdanassip – May 27, at Adidas associating with Stormzy, Nike associating with Stormzy’s fellow UK grime titan, Skeppy Skep, AKA Skepta Mercury Prize winner, is a way to connect with the huge demographic of trainer lovers – the sought after millennials.


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Skepta is making waves for Nike and Beats. The Curse of the Judas Chalice And his footwear are all high tops. Border Patrol Specialnoe. Population Zero Aftermath. KidrceLeave – May 31, at Markkiz – April 26, at Jfyeoassip – May 28, at In the UK market in particular, Stormzy’s popularity is rising commercially and in the street fam.

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Home Blog Site Nachall Contact. We are not a name, we are you Mnfheoassip – June 01, at Brands are spending more and more of their advertising and marketing budgets via social media channels because engaging millennials is of huge importance for immediate and longer term customer wins and market shareso you’d think that simple brand association would be taken a step further.

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