I swear there haven’t already been enough heavy-handed hints Except in hers, Sid tells her she’s imagining shit, although we’re not certain until then. Where have I heard this before?! Except for the fact it makes me hate Rich. I think partly it’s due to the fact I keep hoping beyond sense that Skins will bounce back to its former glory. Shakespeare did something similar

I have done that multiple times. This is not a very humourous review. Whatever you do, just stop fucking whining about it. There are only so many adverts I can see for this episode before I get fucking sick of the whole thing. It is JUST young love. I just don’t get it.

I’m not crying into my beer. Blood is so inconsistently written. Or just pick up E4 and toss it out to space. Aside from S2, obvs. And by this episode, it’s clear that Blood still hates Rich and all Grace’s friends. The Fitches were around too. There was just something off in the diner. I liked the purpose of it, and I liked its intention.

SKINS 6×02 – Sid Oh, wait, Rich, I guess – SHAG CARPET!!!

However, unlike eppisode else ever, I didn’t love Laya’s delivery. Looking back, I can see that it never has been, but this series ironically the one about how women are treated in society – or maybe this is way of showing it Grace has the worst “friends” ever.

Wait a minute, don’t ANY of these losers go to skinz Now one of the few highlights of the episode. I swear there haven’t already been enough heavy-handed hints Which is perhaps what allowed me to watch this episode with such an unemotional eye. It seems silly not to persevere just a bit longer. In reality, it just fell flat. Oh, spoiler alert in case you live under a rock and have never heard of tumblr before. The star-crossed lovers that their families didn’t want together. I am sorry, they are complete shit.


Whatever you do, just stop fucking whining about it. I think partly cos I’ve invested so much energy into it already. Grace was never my favourite character.

I thought it was surprising lacklustre considering Laya’s just about the only one left in this cast who has a shot at being decent and keeping her character from a torturous reconstruction. Are they even in college any epislde

caneiyph – skins season 6 episode 2 rich vimeo

Cos I didn’t cry and thought this episode was stupid Mostly cos I am not feeling like making sarcastic, bitchy jabs at things. Rich S5 and Sid were not the same character at all.

I’m also going to say ful thing about Rich watching the videos now was that supposed to be a callback to him watching Grace doing ballet the first time and tearing up, or was that just another lazy copy of something someone else more talented than you wrote?

Just a flip epksode to last episode, something I wanted to mention but couldn’t fit in cos of LJ’s word-limit lol, yes I reached it last time around Does disgustingly rich and disdainful sarcasm come off in this medium?

And I’m sure some people will say “but that’s what makes it SO clever omg!!! Also ew to the coma sex – and “careful of my cathiter” wtf is that?

It could be that Laya pretty much thinks this season is shit so we’re seeing that come through, or she thinks it’s shit that one of them is written out so early into s,ins season episoee some random new guy can be introduced.


Where have I heard this before?! Her only thought is COCK. He was an irritating runt. Bitch, you better episoce yourself. We can look back and see that she was seeing things that no one else did. Except in hers, Sid tells her she’s imagining shit, although we’re not certain until then.

I’d be sad if I was a Rich fan cos they turned him into Sid 2. Is Freya purposely acting terribly for some reason? Tho this whole episode must have been another glitch for both Fill and DBR. This is not a very humourous review.

Skins 6×02 Rich

They just did nothing for me. He sees dead people. Could Mini be any more unlikable?

Just Alo and his monster dick and magical sex powers. That’s actually a weakness in our psychology that advertisers and politicians primarily exploit! To me tho, this scene was just superfluous. Also, I just kinda wanted the whole fucking thing to be over like last Wednesday. I’m usually not accessing that part of my critical reasoning processes whilst watching TV.

Like I’ve been saying, it’s S4 — The Redux. Seems like a normal thing for parents to want to prevent their kids from doing, tbh. I’m the first person to say to everyone else: Now suddenly Rich’s mum wants to drag 6c02 away for a holiday. I just did a live blog as I was watching the episode tonight